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labor unions
pay to be part of to protect rights of employees
interest group
focus on one major interest
public policy
stated idea of government
raise money to get people elected
trade association
labor union for professionals
public affairs
what we want to government to work on
common cause
public interest
bill of rights
labor union
Consumers Union
American Legion
national grange
civil rights protects all minorities
How do interest groups get involved in elections?
Why are interest groups called pressure groups
they change politics
What is the most common interest of interest groups?
they need it for government action
How do single-interest groups affect elections?
candidates stand on their issues
who are lobbyists
they work within the system
Biggest interest of interest groups
influence public policy
criticisms of interest groups
influence more than size
What are PAC's that focus on 1 issue?
single interest
How do interest groups put pressure on the gov.?
propaganda, lobbying, money
Goals of interest groups
information to public, image building, promoting public policy
Where do pressure groups operate?
at all levels
Positive contributions of interest groups
stimulate interest
Why are there so many interest groups in America?
less influence on the political parties many issues
why have interest groups increased in the past years?
growth of gov.