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What amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18?
26th in 1971
Describe what "cracking" is?
Cracking when policy maker divide minority communities and attach them to predominantly nonminority communities
Describe what "packing" means:
When minority communities are consolidated inot one district with an 80 - 90 percent minority population which reduces the number of other districts in which minorities might have a chance of winning
By 2000 census, what percentage of Texas population is comprised of Hispanics?
32.1 %
What percentage of Texans of voting age are Hispanic?
27.5 %
What percentage of eligible Texan voters are Hispanic?
What is the name of the selection of candidates for government office through direct election by the voters of a poltical party
direct primary election
What form of primary does Texas use to nominatemajor party candidates for public office?
direct primary election
True or False
Texas uses an open primary
What is the term for the primary election in which a voter may cast a ballot in either party's primary election
open primary
What percentage of voting-age Texans voted in the 2000 Republican primary
7.1 %
What percent of voting age population of TExans voted in the Democratic primary in 2000?
When are general elections in Texas held?
The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years.
When are most non-artisan local elections held in Texas?
in May in odd-numbered years
True or False?
The legislature can submit constitutional amendments to the voters in a general election or scheddule them in a special statewide election.
When can absentee or early ballots be filed?
from the 20th to the 4th day prior to an election
True or False
No one knows precisely how much is spend on political campaigns in texas because ther is no single place where all this information is collected.
True or False
Texas sets limits on campaign contributions.
True or False
Texas sets limits on campaign contributions.
Which party's delegates to its national convention are determined by the presidential primary and voted into office during the state convention?
Texans congratulate each other of what percentage of the elgible population votes?
1/3 of the population or 33%
What is the name of the tax thate Exas and some other states required before people were allowed to vote?
poll tax
When was the poll tax enacted in TexaS?
When was the poll tax enacted in TexaS?
What was the amount of the Texas poll tax in 1902?
$1.50 to $1.75
How many years was the Poll Tax in effect in TExas?
60 years
When was the Poll Tax outlawed in Fed. elections?
What legislation outlawed the poll tax?
24th Amendment
When did Texas eliminate the poll tax for state and local elections
What was the "white Primary"?
a law enacted by the Texas legislation denying African Americans the right to vote in the Democratic primary
Name the court case that finally eliminated the "white primary" in TExas?
Smith v. Allwright
Who enacted "motor-voter" registration which requires that states provide facilities for voter registration where a person obtains a driver's license?
US Congress in 1993
What amendment gave women the right to vote?
19th Amendment in 1920
What are the purposes of the state convention?
1. certigy to the secretary of state the names of those individuals who were nominated to statewide offices in the March primaries
2. adopt a party platform
3. elect the state party chair, the vice chair, and the state executive committee
Who provides the funds for the management of primary elections provided to the county party
The state through the Secretary of state's office
True or false
The county chair of the county executive committee is a paid position?
What is the term for the statewide governing board of a political party?
State Executive Committee
Who comprises the state executive committee?
A man and a woman from each of the 31 state senatorial districts and the state chair and vice chair.
Who selects the members to the state executive committees?
during the parties' biennial state conventions
True or False
A woman must serve as either the state chair or the vice chair of the state executive committee?
How long are the terms for the 2 top state party leaders and other exdecutive committee members?
2 years
What organizations are particulary significant in presidential election years because they help select the state's delegates to the national party conventions?
temporary organizations
When are primaries held?
2nd Tuesday in March of even-numbered years
What is the main of the precinct convention?
the selection of delgates and alternate delegates to the county or senatorial district convention
What is the term for the meeting held by a poltical party in each preceinct on the same day aas the party primary?
precinct convention
What are the first steps during presidential election years in the selection of delgates to the major parties national nominating conventions?
precinct conventions and the primaries
When are county or state senatorial distric conventions held?
2 weeks after the precinct conventions
When are state conventions held?
in June of even-numbered years
What is the name of the individual who is a frequent candidate listed on Texas ballots?
Gene Kelly
List the 2 senators from Texas
1. Kay Baily Hutchison
2. John Cornyn
Name the most successful thrid party in Texas in recent years?
Libertarian Party
True or False
In Texas, elections for city offices are partisan.
False, they are nonpartisans
Voters falling into the following categories are more associated as Republicnas:
1. college educated
2. newcomers
3. Anglos
4. Large metropolitan area residents
5. of higher income
6. younger than 50
What categories are more associated with Democrats?
1. minorities
2. older residents
3. Native Texans
4. those with lower income levels
5. those with less education
In 1998 what percentage of the Hispanic vote did Bush receive for governor
40% of the Hispanic vote
What is the name of Texas's first Hispanic gubernatorial nominee of either major party?
Tony Sanchez
How many election precincts are in Texas?
How many counties are in Texas?
Who creates election precincts?
County commissioners
What is the term for the specific local voting areas created by county commissioners courts?
What is the name of the local officer in a political party who presides over the precinct convention and serves on the party's county executive committee?
Precinct chair
What is the term for the panel responsible on the local level for the organization and management of political party's primary election?
county executive committee
What is the name for the presiding officer of a political party's county execitive committee?
County chair
What was the key factor in the development of Texas's 2 party system?
The election of John Tower to the Senate in 1961
What is the term for the major shift in political party support or identification that usually occurs around a critical election?
What was the major contributing factor in the change or realignment of political parties on the national level?
The Civil Rights Movement
What is the term for the drawing of boundaries of legislative districts in such a way as to increasethe power of one group over another?
Which election was pivotal in the realignment of Texas politics, from Deomocratic to Republican?
What was the name of the federal designed to protect the voting rights of minorites by requireing the Justice Departments approval of achanges in political districts and certain other electoral procedures
The Voting Rights Act of 1965
When was the Voting Rights Act extended to cover Texas?
What is the term when domination of elections and governmental processes by a single party, which may be split into different ideiaolgical, economic or regional factions?
1 party-system
What was the purpose of Jim Crow laws
to reduce the size of the electorate and the potential of a popular challenge to the establishment's political monopoly
What is the term for legislation enacted by many states after the Civil War to limit the rights and power of African Americans
Jim Crow laws
List 3 influences that helped shape Texas politics in the 1930's:
1. Great Depression of 1929
2. Election of Pres. F. Roosevelt
3. policies of the New Deal
What political party's policy agenda dominated national politics from 1860 to 1932
Republican Party
What is the term for an organization seeking to influence government policy?
interest group
What is ther term for a political system in which power is distributed among multiple groups
What is the term for individuals who attempt directly or indirectly to shape and influence the decisions of policy makers?
What is the term for a political sustem in which power is concentrated in the hands of a relatively small group of individuals or institutions?
Who was "the Establishment"
A group of anglo businessmen, oilmen, bankers and laawyers that emerged in the late 1930's as a reponse to the liberal policies of the New Deal who were extremely conservative, producing a virulent strain of conservatism marked by Texanism and Super-Americanism
What group promoted Texanism and Super-Americanism?
"the Establishment"
What interests divided TExas Democrats along liberal and conservative lines?
Economic interests
What is the term for the presence of 2 dominant factions organized around regioinal economic or ideaological differences within a single political party?
For more than a century what kind of political party dominated Texas?
one-party Democratic
What is the term for the political movement, based primarily in evangelickal Protestant churches, that has played an increasingly prominent role in texas and national politics?
Religious right
What is the term for an election system in which one person is elected to represent the people living within o9ne geographic district?
single-member district
During the Reconstruction Period following the civil War what party was regarded as the party of conquest and occupation?
Republican Party
What is the term for the political system that has 2 dominant parties, such as that of the US
2 party system
List the 3 basic ways the diverse business interests in Texas organize:
1.broad-based associations like Texas Assoc. of Business
2. trade associations
3. individual company lobbyists
What is the term for a committee organized by a corporation, labor union,trade association, ideological or issue-oriented group, cooperative, or nonprofit corporation for the purpose of collecting campaign contributions and distributing the money to polical candidates?
polical action committee
True or False
Trial lawyers succeeded in getting elected several Texas Supreme Court justices in the early 1990's who shared their viewpoint.
False, it was during the 1980's.
What is the term for the wrongful acts over which a damage lawsuit can be brought?
tort law
By 1991, approx. how many lobbyists were employed on behalf of higher education in Texas?
22 with expenses & salaries over 1.6 million dollars
List 9 dominant types of interest groups in Texas:
1. business groups
2. professional groups groups
4. public interest groups
5. minority interest groups
6. organized labor groups
7. government lobbyists
8. agriculture groups
9. religious groups
Cite an example of a business interest group:
Texas Association of Business
Texas Taxpayers and REsearch Association
cite an example of an agriculture interest group
Texas Farm Bureau
Cite an example of a professional interest group:
Texas Medical Association
Cite an example of an educational interest group:
Texas Association of School Boards
Cite an example of a public interest group:
Common Cause; Sierra Club; Gray Panthers
Cite an example of a minority interest group:
What is LULAC
League of United Latin American Citizens
Cite an example of organized labor interest groups
American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees
Cite an example of government lobbyists:
Texas Municipal League, Texas Association of Counties
cite an example of an agriculture interest group
Texas Farm Bureau
Cite an example of a religious interest group:
Religious Right
True or False
Religious denominations' volunteers and /or staff members may register as lobbyists