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What was the name of the Texas constitution passed in 1836?
Constitution of the Republic
T or F
Members of the clergy were allowed to serve as president or vice-president of the Republic of Texas.
False. Members of the clergy were prohibited.
T or F
Anyone who participated in a duel was barred from holding public office in according to the 1845 Texas constitution.
T or F
All of the African Americans who attended the Contitutional Convention in 1875 were democrats.
False, they were Republicans
How many of the delegates to the 1875 Consitutional Convention were native Texans?
Who was the delegate to the 1875 Const. Conv. who had been postmaster of the Confederacy, and later became a U.S. Senator and served as first chair of the Texas Railroad Commission
John Reagan
What organization influenced provisions in the Texas Constitution of 1876 limiting taxes and government spending and restricting big business, including banks and railroads?
What is the formal name for the Grange?
Society of the Patrons of Husbandry
Cite the 3 dominant principles of the current Texas Consitution:
1. popular soveriegnty
2. limited government
3. searation of powers
The relative short Preamble and first 3 sections of the Bill of Rights in the Texas constitution deal with what?
popular sovereignty
What is the term to describe the consitutional principle of self-government; belief that the people control their government and governments are subject to limitations and constraints>
popular sovereignty
T or F
Locally elected judges have a great deal of autonomy, power, and influence through their local constituencies.
What are the causes of the inequitable public education system in Texas?
1. decentralized oversight
2. wide disparaties in local tax bases
T or F
The current Texas consitution retarded democratic development in Texas.
True. Texas had restrictive laws on voter participation initially.
Cite an example of an initial restriction of democracy in Texas
Poll taxes
T or F
At one time, African Americans were prohibited from voting in the Democratic primaries.
What state has had more amendments tacked onto its constitution?
What group contributed $400,000 to the campaign against a proposed amendment to redistribute education funds to poorer districts in order to comply with court order in May 1993?
Republican party Mr.Delay, et al.
Describe Prop 14 on the November 2001 ballot.
Proposed amendment allowing local governments except school districts to tax travel trailers from local property taxes (for the winter Texans). But it allowed the school districts to tax them. 2003 legislative session corrected blunder.
What is the name for a law prohibint the requirement of union membership in order to hold or get a job?
right - to - work laws.
How are Texas constitutional convention delegates selected?
The have to be elected
What was the con-con?
The Texas Constitutional Convention of 1974
Was the con-con a success?
No it was a failure..
What was the nickname used by the 1974 Texas Cons. Conv.'s president for the opponents to a new consitution and who attempted to delay or obstruct the convention's work at every opportunity?
What is the name for the State Treasurer who lobbied for extermination of the state position?
Margaret Whitehead