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needed to levy certain taxes in a limited govt
popular consent
the English governing body
the gov't doesnt have absolute power
limited govt
severly limiting the kings power- no more txation without pArliament, no troops in houses, no unlawful prison, no martial law unless war
petition of rights
priglims signed in 1620 - first example of colonial law
Mayflower Compact
laid out a plan for govt and gave the people the right to elect the governor, judges, and reps to make laws
fundamental orders of connecticut
est in Virginia in 1619, first legislature in America
House of Burgesses
reasoned that all people were born free, equal, and independent - natural rights to life, liberty, and property - both declarationa nd constitution represented ideas
john locke
first basic system of laws in the eng. colonies
great fundamnentals
governer, kinds agent in colonies, had executive powers, colonial legislature had power to pass laws and colonial courts heard cases - incorporated into US constitution
seperation of powers
first colonies formed from here
beginning in 1629, these immigrants came over to the new world from england
Puritans settled here
rev in england where they overthrew the king - bloodless revolution
glorious revolution
later to be important in american colonies - set specific limits on what a ruler could and could not do
english bill of rights
first american colonial settlement
stablished the principal of limited govt - forced King John to sign in 1215
magna carta
came in 1620 on the mayflower, signed mayflower compact