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rudimentary/vestigial structures
bits of useless anatomy, preserved as remnants of functional parts in ancestors
Panda's thumb
shows evolution because it is now clumsy and useless; used to be used for clawing
What is odd about migration routes chosen by some animals?
some animals migrate 1000's of miles from feeding to breeding areas with amazing precision even though appropriate spots may be closer
Archie Carr
world's expert on the migration of the green turtle said that ancestors of the c. mydas used to swim from Brazil to a proto-Ascension on the Mid Atlantic Ridge
supposed that they began their journey by celestial cues and got home by scent and taste
Carr's Two Theories
1. New: the peculiar Ascension route evolved gradually in a sensible and predictable fashion
2. Old: a sudden event, an accidental and unpredictable vagary of history occurred
What did the hatchlings of C. Mydas float on?
Equatorial Current
What is the Mauritius kestrel?
endangered bird doomed due to habitat loss, pesticide poisioning and egg predation
stochastic perturbation
a stroke of bad luck that would kill of the kestrel
Did the kestrel show signs of being allopatric, sympatric or philopatric?
philopatric; meaning homeloving
What were the 3 isolated mountain chains where the kestrel had been located?
Bambous, Moka, and the Black River Gorges
What is Chronic inbreeding?
prevented the acculmulation of a heavy genetic load. Allowed for potentially lethal mutations to be combed out of the population gradually.
What is Population Viability Analysis (PVA)?
considers the potential net impact of a number of processes functioning interactively, all to the detriment of a small population.
Differed from the old Minimum Viable Population (MVP) concept in that it dealt with actual situations not idealized ones.
Who is Carl Jones?
studied the kestrel
Noticed that inbreeding depression was occurring among offspring of kestrel in small numbers.
Inbreeding depression
tendency toward terminal oviduct disorders
William Heck
hatching and rearing specialist
Norman Myers
coined TRIAGE
speculated that some endangered species just couldn't be helped
largest of New World monkeys
Where is the Muriqui found?
Brazilian Atlantic forest
Who is Karen Strier?
made imporant discoveries concerning the Muriqui.
Does not believe in the subjection of her Muriqui to conservation measures
What were 2 of Strier's discoveries?
social relations within a group, including the potentially fractious matters of reproductive competition among males, are remarkably gentle.
Females leave their habitat after breeding, males stay. This prevents inbreeding.
Concho Water Snake
endangered and will become even more so with the construction of the Stacy Dam
Soule and Gilpin
studied the Concho for a month, some of their study mirrored the work of MacArthur and Wilson.
only habitat that a young Concho could survive to maturity
Each riffle is an island where immigration and extinction could occur
framentation data
charted 2 factors, habitat distribution and actual snake distribution
Close to the distance effect of MacArthur and Wilson.
a population of populations
related to the Equilibrium Theory of MC and W. However, the Equilibrium Theory assumes the existence of a mainland. there is no mainland in metapopulation.
What were Soule and Gilpin's findings?
The dam would not directly produce extinction in the short run. It would indirectly make the pop more vulnerable to extinction with increased chances of inbreeding.
What are some characteristics of Bermuda?
volcanic origin.
high isolation index that should encourage allopatric speciation.
only 8 species of algae are endemic to Bermuda.
myopic view
looking at 1 tree will not tell you where you are, you need more info
monarch butterfly migration
1. goes south to Mexico
2. lays eggs
3. eggs hatch and develop
4. more come north than goes south
locusts migration
Travels in swarms.
not timed to a change in season however they are timed to changes in vegetation called **irruptions**
movements of animals less regular than annual migration
Catadromous fish
breeds salt water but lives in fresh water
EX. eel
Anadromous fish
breeds fresh water but lives in salt water
Ex. salmon, shad
ambient temperature animal
EX. reptiles
True or false: eels mate at shallow depths
True or false: sea turtles mate offshore of ancestral beaches
True or false: they are found in every ocean marine
True or false: females only leave water for mating purposes.
They only leave to lay the eggs
True or false: sea turtles are the only migratory reptile
True or false: a good amount of sea turtle eggs hatch and make it to maturity
What is migration?
Long distance, 2-D movement from feeding grounds to breeding grounds (usually annually)
What do sea turtles use as compass and map sense to direct themselves in the ocean?
Magnitite in their brain.
What does genetically imprinted mean?
turtles return to the beaches they were born on
Cheney Index
Tells you whether its tropical (>6) or non-tropical (<6) or mixed (=6).
Jaccard’s Index
Similarity of flora between 2 places
Explain how Bermuda's flora changed.
1. Tropical flora in Bermuda, glaciations occur
2. Flora is pushed south or removed
3. As the glaciers retreated, flora returned to its normal habitat