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Hypoxemia is what?
When pp of o is decreased in arterial plasma.
Ventilation defect
Patient hypox hundred percent oxygen, didn't improve
Little: hyaline mem d
Adult: ards
Patient with fibrosis and diffusion
Sarcoidosis, fibrosis
J receptor in interstitium of lung gets irritated by fluid
Po2 and sat is fine.
Fe 3 methemoglobin reductase
Rocky mnts, drinking water in mtn, oxidizing agents, give met blue
Dapsone, sulfa drug and nitro drugs, can do methem and g6pd def hem anem
Cytochrome oxidase
Cn and co
Dinitrophenol, alc ,salycylates
Hyperthermia often with salyc and alc and other uncouplers
Anaerobic glycol
Produces pyruvate to lactic acid, can make 2 ATP per gluc, builds up lactic acid in cell and denatures proteins; enzymes can't autophage, coagulation necrosis occurs,
ATP number 2
Pumps stop working, cell swells, swelling often tested
Irreversible change
Calcium enters cells, ca pump like na k pump. Activate MIT mem perm, activates apop through cyt c; phospholipase increases and dam mem
Pigment of wear and tear in old people.
Lipofuschin, lipids you can't break down all the way.
Free rad
Reperfusion injury, respir distress kids can go blind,
Most common radiation cancer,
Fe 2 and hyd perox makes Fe 3 and hydroxyl free rad
Acet tox
Around central vein
Gen by pent phosphate shunt; made from n acetyl cysteine
Ccl4 in dry cleaning,
Ccl3 in liver and hepatitis
Analgesic nephrop
Dec prostaglandin and acetamin free radicals in tubules.
Apop enzymes
Dry gangrene
Diab, popliteal art,atherosclerot enhancement, Dec in art blood flow
Bowel, hern and adhesions; lung, wedge shaped
Makes staph aur form clusters, breaks down fibrinogen into fibrin,
Fungi or myco, lipid in cell wall makes cheesy appearance
Pain to back
Pancreatis, epigastric pain, enzymatic fat necrosis, amylase and lipase, amylase in parotid Fallopian, lipase only in pancreas, most common alc, calcium has bluish coloration in fresh.
Immuno related necrosis, pAlp purp, type 3, ag and ab floating in blood, produces c5a, calls neutrophils, neuts do damage. Could be sle rheum etc
Acetyl coa makes
B hydroxybutiric acid in alc, get Diab ket and lactic acid