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Who is Zeus?
Zeus is the king of all the gods.
Who is Hera?
Hera is Zeus's wife. She is the queen of the gods and she is the gardian of mariage.
Who is Poseidon?
Poseidon is one of Zeus's brothers. He is the god of the ocean and earthquakes.
Who is Athena?
Athena is the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of wisdom and war, patriotism and good citizenship.
Who is Apollo?
Apollo is the sun of Zeus. He is the god of poetry, music, medicine, and of light. He is associated with the sun.
Who is Artemis?
Artemis is Apollo's twin sister. She is the goddess of hunting and wild things. She is associated with the moon.
Who is Ares?
God of war and Zeus's son.
Who is Hephaestus?
Hephaestus is a son of Zeus and Hera. He is the lame blacksmith god of fire.
Who is Aphrodite?
Aphrodite is the wife of Hephaestus and is the god of love and beauty. She has two sons. Cupid and Aeneas. Aeneas as a motal was constidered to be the ansester of the Romans.
Who is Hermes?
Hermes is a son of Zeus and is the messenger of the gods. He is the god of science and invention.
Who is Hestia?
Hestia is Zeus's sister and is the goddess of hearth and home.
Who is Demeter?
Demeter is Zeus's sister and is the goddess of grain and agraculture.
Who is Bacchus?
The merry god of the vine.
Who is King Midas?
He is a mortal who wants a lot of gold. He gets the gift to make anything gold by touvhing it.
Who is Callisto?
A forest maiden who's husband was Zeus. Hera turned her into a bear and she can't talk to her child again.
Who is Arachne?
A pheasent girl and was a good weaver. Chalanged Menerva to weaving contest and won but was turned into a spider.
Who is Orpheus?
The gratest mortle musician. His wife is Eurydice. Went to underworld to save Eurydice.
Who is Eurydice?
Wife of Orpheus. Bit by snake and sent to underworld.
Who is Narcissus?
A mortal who had too much pride and never loved anyone except himself. He was turned into the Narcissus flower.
Who are muses?
The nine daughters of Zeus nd Mnemosyne.
Who are fates?
Control the desiny of all mortals.
What are nymphs?
Goddesses of nature.
Who is Daedalus?
Built a laberenth for King Minos and escaped with his son from the prison. Made wings to escape.
Who is Icarus?
Daedalus's son. Flighs too close to the sun and his wings melts and drowns in the water.
Who is Persephone?
The daughter of Demeter and is Hades loved one.
Who is Hercules?
A demi god and is Zeus's son. Kills his family and does his pennance with the twelve labors.