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Who will be resp. for replacing and reporting prob. with The storm truck and maint. and inventory on a regular basis?
The Program Manager
Who is resp. for notifying_____, whenever they remove equipment fronm the storm truck?
-All members
Who is resp. for ensuring the storm truck is placed back into a ready state of cond. after use?
The company Officer
What is the storm Truck call sign?
Wher will the storm truck be parked and how what is on it ans what is it considered ?
-scbas,radios, mapbooks, equip
-Turn key pumper
How many radios are assighned to the storm truck and what is their designation?
- 2 radios
- E159
-kept in fs159
Any lost or damaged equip is sent to?
How to place storm truck into serv.
-call alsrm room supervisor
-Give unit ID
-Station running out of
-Advise if ALS
-otherwise it will be BLS engine