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How much time must you have on to use an AWR?
Min. of 6 months
If you are less than a year on the job, who must you do an AWR with?
other probies in your class.
*exception only by OPS. chief
What does the working roster show?
only who is on duty for the person off.
Can you do a three way trade?
No. No more than one for one.
Who has the final authority on AWR's
The Operations Chief
Where shall all shift trades be logged?
Sation Logbook
What criteria should be used by the company officer when approving an AWR?
-shift continuity
-Rank/acting ability/ALS-BLS
-Scheduled activities(trng,etc)
-Shift trade proceedure used?
Who is resp. for making sure am AWR is paid back?
under no circumstances should an employee work ________hours of continuousr duty. They must have an ___hr break in between.
-48 hours
-min. 8 hours off before returning to work.
Who may be granted an exception to the rule of shift trades?
-haz-mat and tox medics
AWR shift Trade proceedure
-equal rank/acting capability--permission from supervisor
-email immediate supervisor
-supervisor emails ops chief
Who is resp. for notifying thier immediate supervisor of the AWR request?
Employee away from duty with relief.
AWR requests should be made no later than ______ the previouse shift.
1200 hours
The employees involved in the AWR must have confirmation from who?
Operations chief
Prope notification of an AWR cancellation shall be emailed to who?
The operations chief