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The dept. may or may not grant the use of vacation leave for a particular time based on what?
operating and staffing level considerations.
Who does the employee contact if they find a descrepancy between their recorded leave and finaces copy?
The operations chief immediately.
If an employee takes vacation and does not have enough hours then what is that called and what happens?
-Unauthorized Leave of Absence
-No pay for hours
-subject to disiplinary action
Who notifies an employee of vacation leave and when?
-The operations Chief
- November(annually).
How does seniority work in accordance to vacation leave?
-Seniority within ranks.
* Now strait seniority
How much advanced notice will an employee recieve for vacation picks?
2 weeks
How many choices should an employee have ready for vacation picks in case their first picks are taken?
3 choices.
What is scheduled vacation leave considered?
1 or more consecutive 24 hour shifts.
The operations chief will approve vacation requests based on what?
-previouse selections
-predetermined min. staffing requirements
-Cosideration of speciality coverage.
How many selections will an employee get during the initial annual sign-up?
If an employee goes over their hours for vacation leave then what happens?
They did not manage them right and the hours are forfieted.
Who will keep an official record of vacation hours?
Operations Chief
After the first and second vacation picks , how will seniority play into the third picks?
first come, first serve
How many employees can be off on scheduled leave?
- no more than 6 employees
- no more than 5 of the 6 shall be Paramedics
Scheduled Leave Definition
Kelly days of Scheduled Vacation Leave.
Who at his descretion may modify the number of employees off on scheduled leave per shift?
The Operations Chief