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a sharp decrease in the number of species in a relatively short period of time
extinction event/mass extinction/extinction-level event (ELE)
In order to get a "mass extinction," you have to exceed the _____
background extinction rate
Is the planet Earth in peril?
No, the planet is not in peril, but the people/things living on it are.
What is the most important greenhouse gas?
CO2, carbon dioxide
At what point was there a sharp increase in the population?
the industrial revolution
Why is population growth a problem for global warming?
If one person does something it is not a problem, but there are now more people that are doing more things that cause more problems with the climate.
When did we start introducing more CO2 into that atmosphere?
When we started using the stored energy that was put away.
At present, CO2 is 0.038% of the atmosphere, meaning there is a _____ greenhouse effect
What produces methane hydrates?
bacteria in the ocean