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Educational Program Committtee
Substantive instruction content at an event.
Focus Group
Method of doing research using a small group led by a facilitator
1. Free standing pavilion or light structure, often inside a facility, where printed or electronic information is available.
2. A small enclosure for ticket sales, information, etc.
1. A research method based upon selecting a portion of a popultion for study.
2. Paperwork and fees paid to a building by exhibitors for the right to serve food product.
Solicitation of opinions regarding services; questionnaire.
Audience Reaction Team
4 or 5 participants query the main speaker from the stage with questions from the audience and foolw-up questions.
Buzz Group
Largew audience is divided into small groups in the same room and responds to assignments.
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
An earned designation from the National Speakers Association (NSA).
Compression/Decompression OR Coder/Decoder.
Videoconferencing standard. Compresses video, audio and data signals for transmission and decompress the signal at the other end.
Informal mtg. for the purpose of discussion. Usually an academic or research nature and in order to ascertain areas of mutual interest through exchange.
1. Participatory mtg designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving
2. An event used to meet & exhchange vies, convey messge, debate.
Discussion which takes place within a meeting, a public or private sitting or in one of the variuos types of assembly or meeting. PRO Side and CON side.
Digital subscriber line. Brings high bandwidth via copper phone lines.
ISDN -- Integrated Services Digital Network
Set of protocaland interface standards that make up an integrated (voice, video, and data) telephone network.
An individual who guides discussion and/or decision making.
Interchange between an inner circle debating an issue and an outer circle of observers. Can move from one circle to other.
Presenter is questioned by a moderator on behalf of audience.
Event where the primary activity of the attendees is to attend educational sessions, participate in meetings/discussions, socialize, or attend other organized events. NO EXHIBIT.
National Speakers Association (NSA)
National Speakers Association. A member of the Convention Industry Council.
1. Lecture & dialogue allowing participants to share experiendces in a particiular field under the guidance of an expert discussion leader.
2. Mtg. or series of mtgs from 10 - 50 specialists who have different specific object of enriching the skills of the participants.
Speaker's Bureau
locate and book speakers according to your specifications and budget.
Streaming Media
A method for delivering audio, video and animated content over the Web. Streaming refers to the ability of Web site visitors to access multimedia content without having to download an entire file first.
A meeting of a number of experts in a particular field, at which papers are presented and discussed by specialists on particular subjects with a view to making recommendations concerning the problems under discussions.
An event that broadcasts the audio and/or video portion of a keynote presentation or other educational sessions over the Web in real-time or on-demand.
1. Mtg of several persons for intensive discussion. Developed to compensate for diverging views in a particular discipline.
2. Informal and public session of free discussion organized to take place between formal plenary sessions or commissions of a congress or of a conference
3. Training session in which participants, often through exercises, develop skills and knowledge in a given field.
Accrual Accounting
1. An accounting method that enters income & expenses into the books at the time of contract vs. when payment is received or expenses incurred (cash acctg)
2. A system in which revenue and expenses are accounted for as soon as they are committed.
Balance Sheet
A statement that indicates overall financial status by subtracting expenses from income.
Cash Accounting
A system in which revenue and expenses are counted as they are actually received.
Chart of Accounts
A detailed list of the individual line items that make up the revenue and expense categories in a budget. A numbering system used to identify every line item in a budget, so income and expenses are posted to the correct accounts.
Fixed Cost
The day to day cost of doing business that is pre-committed, such as salaries, insurance, lease expenses, utilities, etc.