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What is Acromion (Gr.) means?
Part of insertion of Trapezius
What is Atlas (Gr.) means?
a support
What is Axis(L) means?
a pivot
What is Calcaneus(L) means?
heel bone
What is Capitate(L) means?
caput, head
What is Clavicle(L) means?
Clavicula, little key
What is Coracoid(Gr.) means?
raven, or crow's beak
What is Cuneiform (L) means?
Cuneus, wedge and forma, shape
What is Fibula(L) means?
What is Glenoid(Gr.) means?
glene, socket
What is Hamate(L) means?
hamatus, hooked
What is Ilium(L) means?
groin, flank
What is Innominate (L) means?
innominatus, unnamed
What is Ischium (Gr.) means?
ischion, hip
What is Lunate(L) means
luna, moon
What is Maubrium (L) means?
What is Meta means?
a prefix denoting change, transformation or following something in a series.
What is Navicular (L) means?
navicula, boat
What is Obturator (L) means?
obturate, to stop up, to close
What is Patella (L) means?
small pan
What is Pelvis(L) means?
What is Phalanx (Gr) means?
closely-knit row; phalanges pl.
What is Pisiform (L) means?
pisum, pea and forma, shape
What is Pubis (L) means?
grown up
What is Radius(L) means?
What is Sacrum(L) means?
What is Scaphoid (Gr.) menas?
skaphe, skiff, boat
What is Talus (L) means?
What is Tarsals(Gr.) means?
a flat surface
What is Tibia(L) means?
shin bone, pipe
What is Trapezium(Gr.) means?
trapesoeides, table-shaped
What is Trapezoid(Gr.) means?
trapezion, a little table
What is Ulna(L) means?
What is Xiphoid(Gr.) means?
xiphon, sword