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Air Cooler Section
A section of tubes, located above the air exit lane in a condenser, that condenses nearly all of the steam in the steam-air mixture flowing through the air exit lane
Air enjectors
Jet pumps that use high velocity fluid flow to create a vacuum
Air exit lane
A low pressure area in the center of the tube sections of a condenser. The low pressure causes the steam-air mixture and through the tubes in the air cooler section.
Air flow meter
A meter that indicates the amount of air being removed fromt he condenser shell through the outlet piping
Air removal system
A system that removes air and non- condesalbe gases and maintains the vacuum created by the volume reduction of condensing steam:also used to establish a normal vacuum in a condenser prior to turbine startup
Auxillary steam
Stem used for puposes other than driving a main turbine or heating feedwater: typicallyh used in makeup water perification systems, steam tracing lines, and turbine-driven boiler feed pumps.
A means of removing any blockage from tube sheets by reversing the flow of circulating water through the sheets.
Backwash system
A system used to remove blockage from the circulating water stuble and thus help in maintaining proper condenser vacuum
Balancing drum
A piston mounted on the shaft inside a chamber at one end of a multi-stage pump and used to reduce axial thrust; created byu the spinning impleers; oftem referred to as a balancing piston
Balancing drum leakoff
A flow created by a pressure differential in a balancing line; insures that the pressure across the balancing drum will not equalize
Basket strainer
A strainer used to filter out large amounts of impurities from fluid in a piping system that is subject to larg buildups of impurities
Boiler feed pump
A pump that functions to increase the pressure of feedwater to a value high enough to move it through the components of the feedwater system and into the boiler
Boiler stop valves
Valves used to isolate the boiler from the rest of the system, if needed
Butterfly balve
Valves used to isolate the boiler from the rest of the system.
Cascading drain system
A drain system associated with feedwater heaters in a string arrangment. The pressure differntial from one heater to the next causes the drips to flow from one heater to another