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Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany?
Germany invaded Poland.
What is another term for the "lightning war?"
The blitzkrieg.
What did the Lend-Lease Act do?
It allowed the president to lend or lease arms to the Allies.
Which islands were selected for "island hopping," and who thought of it?
Islands that were not well-defended but were closer to Japan; General MacArthur.
Why was Germany defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad?
The harsh Russian froze their tanks and weapons, and the Russian military had cut off their supply lines.
What were the Nuremberg Trials for?
To put Nazi war criminals on trial for the Holocaust.
What was the significance of the Battle of the Bulge?
It was the last German offensive.
Why did the USSR fight Germany?
Hitler invaded the USSR, violating the Non-Agression Pact.
What was the purpose of the Atlantic Charter?
To uphold free trade among nations and the right of people to choose their own government.
Where was the Battle of Britain fought?
In the air.
What was the significance of the Battle of Midway?
It was the turning point in the war in the Pacific.
Which nation was not under Axis control when the US entered WWII?
The Soviet Union.
What was Hitler's "Final Solution?"
It was a program of genocide to protect racial impurity from "inferior people."
What were some major extermination camps?
Auschwitz, Majdanek, Birkaneau, Treblinka, Sobibar
Where were the two atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
What did the term "phony war" mean?
It was the period of time after Britain and France had declared war on Germany where no one did anything.
Why did the Japanese emporer lose power after WWI?
The Allies wanted to reduce his power.
What was behind the "Iron Curtain?"
Communist Eastern Europe and the USSR
What was the goal of the Truman doctrine?
To support countries in Europe that rejected Communism.
What was containment?
A policy aimed at preventing the expansion of communism.
Who was in the East European alliance, and what was it called?
USSR, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania; the Warsaw Pact.
Who was the 1st leader of the People's Republic of China?
Mao Zedong
Who were the Vietcong?
Pro-Communist South Vietnamese guerrillas
What was the Bay of Pigs?
The failed invasion of Cuba by the CIA to remove Castro
Where were US hostages held, and for how long were they held for?
Iran; 444 days
Who were the leaders during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Nikita Khrushchev, John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro
What was "Star Wars" and who was the president that propsed it?
It was a weapons system that would protect America from enemy missiles. The SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) was never put into effect but scared the Soviets.
Put these Cold War events in order:
Afghanistan, Gulf of Tonkin, Korean War, U-2 incident
Korean War, U-2 incident, Gulf of Tonkin, Afghanistan
Where were the Soviet "satellites" loacted?
Along the USSR's western border
What was the purpose of the Berlin Blockade?
To make Britain, France, and the US give up the idea of reunifying Germany
When and why was a US spending program for education and technology created?
After the Soviets launched Sputnik, to keep up with them.
Who were the heroes of the Cultural Revolution?
Why and when did Chinese troops enter Korea?
China felt threatened by the American fleet off their coast; October 1950.
What was the goal of "Vietnamization?"
To gradually pull out US troops while training South Vietnamese troops to take their place.
Who has the title of Ayatollah? (define Ayatollah)
conservative Muslim leader
In 1979, who did the USSR invade and why?
Afghanistan; the communist government was failing.
What are examples of detente?
Nixon's visit to China; SALT I and II treaties
What does the 38th parallel divide?
North and South Korea
Why did Nikita Khrushchev lose power?
The Cuban Missile Crisis
When was the USSR manned satellite launched?
Sputnik I was launched October 4, 1957.
Who sent US troops to Vietnam?
President Lyndon B. Johnson
When, who, and what outcome came from the Camp David Accords?
1978, Jimmy Carter, Anwar Sadat, and Menachem Begin; Israel was recognized as a legitimate state, both (Egypt and Israeli) leader were assassinated.
What was the Balfour Declaration and why was it made?
It was a statement that the British government of a Jewish homeland in Plaestine, and was the basis of creating Israel.
The partition of India was to seperate who?
Hindus and Muslims
Who fought for Algerian independence?
the FLN
Who organized the August 1991 Coup?
The hard-liners (radical communists)
Yugoslavia is made up of what countries now?
Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Macedonia
What waws the 1990s economic reform adopted by Russia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia?
Shock therapry - a quick shift to a free-market economy from a command economy.
When was the US/USSR 1st cooperative space project?
July 17, 1975 when an Apollo spacecraft docked with the Soyuz 19.
What made it possible for the computer size to be reduced?
the silicon chip
Why was the internet originally set up?
to link scientists around the globe so they could exchange information about research
Free trade removes what obstacles?
tarriffs, inmort taxes, embargoes
Who are the Four Tigers of Asia and why are they named so?
South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore; all had impressive economic growth.
What is related to genetic engineering?
cloning, isolation of single genes
Iraq invaded this country sto begin the Gulf War.
In what country are the Kurdish people forbidden to speak their own language?
Why is the ozone layer important?
It protects against the suns dangerous ultraviolet waves
Define materialism.
placing a high value on possessions
What was the purpose of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?
to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons to other nations
What do supporters of free trade oppose?
protective tarriffs