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person who fled France in high hopes that by leaving Louis XVI would return to power
English Bill of Rights
document signed by William and Mary
National Assembly
formed by Third Estate. took tennis court oath did not leave until a constitution was written
Scientific Method
process of observing, proving hypotheses and and experimenting.
Left Wing (political spectrum)
where liberals sat. wanted PROGRESS and REPUBLIC
Spanish Armada
invasion on England by Phillip IIs navy. Took 2 yrs. to plan. May 30, 1588-130 ships, 33,000 men sailed for England. England had better ships and set back spanish ships.
"Reign of Terror"
effort where Jacobins set out to crush all opposition within France by terrorizing everyone who did not agree with them, (July 1793-July 1794)
supporters of parliament and puritans.
Political Spectrum
political opinion in National Assembly.
prime minister
head of English cabinet and chief executive of a parlimentary democracy
killing machine. used to chop people's heads off. *execution*
set up to question loyalty of large minorities in spain, only wanted catholicism as a religion. actions led to a revolt in Spain in 1569
sat in the middle. Monarchy
means that the sun is the center of the earth
famous prison in Paris. Storming of the Bastille-July 14, 1789/fall of Bastille.
Divine Right of Kings
popular theory that stated that the kings/queens believed they were the direct descendant from the gods and they were to rule absolutely
EXTREME radicals who wanted a Monarchy... the old Regime. Strongly opposed to changes, wanted to return to past
native american and white ancestry. At bottom of social pyramid
african and white ancestry bottom of social pyramid
Balance of Power
a distribution of power such that no one nation is able to dominate or interfere with other nations
Third Estate
97% population. owned 40% of the land. including:peasants, doctors, artisans, members of Bourgeoisie. Had no political rights, paid special land tax to king.
gathering of intellectuals to discuss philosophies and engage in conversation
Europeans from Spain or Portugual who lived in the colonies and held all political and military power
glorious revolution
time when William and Mary ruled. No wars/blood
Restoring the crown to a family
state governed by elected representatives
french word for philosopher
on the political spectrum, far right side. cavalier who supported monarchy of Charles I
enlightened despots
monarchs who attempted to practice some of the political ideas of the enlightenment