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what is the moral of the tragedy of the commons?
if you do something that you think may not have an ultimate affect it oculd have an affect on teh overall living of everyone around you
why poor countries have higher population growth than rich countries?
the people of the countries have noknowledge of family planning and they may bear a lot of children but they may not raise them
what is the role of women in an environment?
women have a role of taking care of the family and bearing the children which is most important
what is sustainable development?
projects that are bought that are not at the expense of the next generation
what is an ecological footprint?
another way to study the impacts of human population and lifestyles
what is a developing country?
developing countries have an undeveloped industrial base, and moderate to low Human Development Index (HDI
what is a developed country?
one that enjoys a relatively high standard of living derived through an industrialised, diversified economy. Countries with a very high Human Development Index (HDI)
different ways to measure a country's wealth
GDP, Per capita GDP, PPP, HDI
GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
national income ; total value of all goods and services produced iin a country per year
Per capita GDP
GDP divided by the number of people in the country , takes in account population
PPP (purchasing power parity)
how much your dollar is worth in a country
HDI (human development Index)
1. economics: per capita GDP
2. social acheivements : a. edu. levels how many years of edu.
b. litteracy rates
3. demographics- description of a country - life expectancy
why do people damage the land they love?
because the incintive is great and in the process of acheiving the incentive they destroy the land they love
internal costs
cost that is payed by someone involved in the interaction
opportunity cost
the next best alternatibe given up when a choice is made
birth rate
the amount of babies born
fertility rate
the amount of women bearing children
natural increase rate
A natural increase is a population increase due to more births and less mortality.
literacy rate
how many people in a country that are literate (can read and write)
an anticipated reward from making a choice
external costs
a cost paid by people who are not a part of the interaction
global system
system that works between all the countries of the world
death rate
the amount of people that die each year
infant mortality rate
the amount of children that die each year under the age of 1
zero population growth
when the death and birth rate are the same and the population neither decreases or increases