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HO Chi Minh Trail
a trail to freedom
reliance on other nations as they rely on us
Angkor Wat
Khymer word for organization
New People
the people who were forced from the cities
Old People
People who lived in the country
the name of the group who took Cambodia
Khmer rouge
the soldiers
Human Rights
the god given rights which should not be
Prince Shinouk
leader of Cambodia for awhile
Dith Pran
translator Sydney had searched for
Sydney Schandberg
reporter trapped and rescued
Haing Ngor
the wife trying to escape
HO Chi Minh
a Chinese Freedom Fighter
Pol Pot
leader of the Khymer- wanted simpler Cambodia
Lon Nol
set up government in CAmbodia after Schender left
Reasons Khmer evacuated Phnom Penh
wanted to start over
mass amounts of people killed because of who they were
What happened to the Cambodian population
spread throughout Cambodia
sudden overthrow of government
Year Zero
the end of war
The Killing Fields
mass graves
Khmer Rouge philosophy for Cambodia
new people are bad - must take life back to the land
established by Vietnam
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
signed in the UN
Supporters of Lon Nol and Khmer Rouge
Viet Nam
The name for the Khmer Rouge leadership - means organization
Cambodian Communists
Khmer Rouge
sudden often violent overthrow of the government
the term that describes th start of the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia
Year Zero
mainstream religion of Cambodia
Capital of Cambodia
Phnom Penh
The document drawn up by the United Nations General Assembly proclaiming human rights for all people
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
another name given to the internment camps for the Japanese Americans
relocation centers
What is the present day politcal system of Cambodia?
a weak democracy
How many internment camps wre located throughout the US during WWII?