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he was the first emperor of the pax romana. he took the first empire wide census and was part of the second triumvirate.
He was the last emperor of the pax romana and he was the last to be able to emphasize defense of borders..
Marcus Aurelius
He was the first Hebrew man. God made a covenant with him saying that "If you and your descendants obey me, then I will give oyu all land."
He was the king of Israel and did not become king from primogeniture. He was king because he killed a really big monster
She was the first woman to have the power to govern
He was the first pharaoh and he united upper and lower egypt
He was a Jew and he saved all the other Jews that were in Egypt as slaves. He also said the ten comandments
He was the king of the franks and started the Merovingian dynasty after the fall of Rome and was the first germanic chief to convert to christianity
He was an Arab caravan trader and the founder of Islam. He was a Muslim prophet and conquered Mecca.
He was the Duke of Normandy and the king of england later. He split England land into four parts. Je invaded England in 1066.
William the Conqueror
he was the king of macedonia and he conquered Persia. He never lost in a battle, so he was called Alexander the Great.
He was a philosopher and the tutor of Alexander the Great. He wrote the first true encyclopedia and also wrote about science, music, and math.
He was a writer and wrote the first major book "Persian War". He is known as the father of history.
He was a Greek writer who was blind. He wrote two epic poems called the "Illiad" and the "Oddysey"
He was an Athenian leader and when he was the leader, he brought Athens into the Golden age.
He was an Athenian who ran from marathon to Athens to tell the Athenians that they won the Batte of Marathon. If Pheidippides didn't go to Athens and give them the message, the Athenians would have destroyed their own city.
He is the student of Socrates and write the book "The Republic" which had diolauges between two people.
He was a mathematician and he found the Pytagorean Theorem.
She was a poet who wrote poetry with music. She was the only woman who contributed a lot of Greek culture.
He was the first Greek Philosopher and he write the "Socratic Method" . It was about finding truth by questioning.
He was a very good Muslim leader who captured Jerusalem after the second Crusade.
He was an early Christian leader and a higly educated Jew who was a Roman citizen. he spread Christianity to non-Jews, set up Missionaries that spread christianity to the west, and wrote letters to all the "churches" he set up about religion and what needs to be done. These letters are in the New Testament.
Paul of Tarsus
He was a Danish Viking and the first Duke of Normandy. He is the ancestor of William the Conqueror and made an agreement with Charles the Simple to leave France alone if he gets Normandy.
He was an Eastern Roman emperor and he was important because he put down a revolt and went and reconquered most of the Roman empire for 11 years. But it didn't work out and he also built the Hagia Sophia, ac church of wisdom.