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what is an artifact?
a human-made object, such as a tool or weapon
what is a culture?
Peoples unique way of life, as shown bu its tools, customs, arts, or ideas.
what was the Paleolithic Age?
A prehistoric period which lasted from 2,500,00-8,000 b.c. Alos refered to as "Old Stone Age"
what was the Neolithic Age?
A prehistoric period which lasted from 8,000-3,000 b.c.
Refered to as "New Stone Age"
Men and women of the "stone age"
what is slash and burn farming?
Cut trees and grasses and burned them to clear open fields.
What is domestication?
The taming of animals.
What is Civilization?
Consists of the 5 following components:
Advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, advanced technology
what is an Artisan?
Skilled workers who make goods by hand.
What is a Scribe?
Professional record keeper
what is a Cuneifrom
What was the Bronze Age?
Time when people began to use the bronze metal.
What is a ziggurat?
Pyramid-shaped Monument.