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The normal oxygen system charge is
1850 psi
The oxygen system charge is monitored at each of the following except
The EICAS Primary Page
Passenger oxygen is supplied from the same source as the pilot, crew and medical oxygen
Passenger oxygen masks will drop at a cabin altitude of
14,500 ft
On the oxygen mask storage and control panel the fact that the oxygen shut-of is open is indicated by
a white ON flag
Where is the mask Emergency Flow Control located and how is it functioned
Located on the panel under the oxygen supply hose. Rotate in direction of arrow to supply emergency pressure
The aircraft emergency lighting systems consists of (4 items)
1. Exterior flood lights
to illuminate the pass
2. Internal flood lights
to illuminate each
3. Exterior evac flood
4. Isle lighting
The emergency lighting system is powered by____ that will supply power for apprx _____ mins
4 28V rechargeable self-contained power supply units that supplay power for apprx 20 mins
If the discharge lever is help down on the hand held fire extinguisher it will be full discharged in
10 secs
What is the WARNING associated with the use of the portable fire extinguishers
Expeoure to halon can cause dizziness, impaired coordination and reduced mental accuity. The crew should wear their O2 masks at 100%