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AC power is normally supplied by ___ VFG's to each of ___ dedicated main AC buses in the AC Power Center. During single generator operations, AC Buses ___ and ___ will be powered
4,4,1 and 4
Emergency AC power is supplied by a RAM Air Turbine (RAT) flat rated at 115/200 Volts, 9 KVA and 340-440 Hz. The RAT sheds its electrical output to give priority to it's hydraulic functions at apprx
147 kts
The RAT generator, when in operation supplies AC power through the RAT Line Contactor to
AC ESS Bus in the CCBP
On the cockpit Electrical Control Panel, an illuminated cyan AVAIL indication on the External AC PBA indicates that
External power is connected to the aircraft in the correct phase, voltage and frequency
On the cockpit Electrical Control Panel, an illuminated green ON indication on the guarded RAT GEN control switch relates that
The RAT has deployed and its generator is on line
The VFG push buttons on the Cockpit Electrical Control Panel are used to
Turn each VFG off and reset a fault
The EICAS warning message, EMER PWR ONLY indicates that
Either the RAT is powering AC ESS Bus or the batteries are feeding the DC ESS Bus and battery buses in an emergenchy condition
You have an on indication in the EXT AC push button annunciator on the Cockpit Electrical Control Panel and are starting the APU. Once the APU is on line the
EXT AC ON Indication will remain illuminated even though the AC Buses are powered by the APU Gen
When used together for emergency peuposes, the two aircraft batteries can provide DC power for
15 mins
The avionics and APU batteries each have seperate battery chargers. These chargers protect their respective batteries from a variety of faults and will automatically
Shut themselves off when they sense a battery fault and shut themselves off when they sense an associated internal charger fault and annunciate the shutdown
There are ___ primary sources of power, which are monitored, swithched, distributed and controlled by the ___
The six primary sources of DC power are
4 TRU's, The Avionics Batt, and the APU Batt
Three TRU's are required to power all DC Buses. During single TRU operations the following DC buses are shed
DC Bus 1 and DC Bus 2
When the battery switch is in the EMS positin, battery power is supplied to the
EMS CDU only
A DC BUS 1 FAIL annunciation on the EICAS display indicates that
DC Bus 1 is not being powered
DC Bus 1 has an intenal fault
DC Bus 1 has been shed do to
multiple failures
A DC BUS MAN OFF annunciation on the EICAS indicates that
DC Buss 2 has been manually isolated through the EMS CDU
The BATT EMER PWR ON annunciation on the EICAS display indicates that
The batteries are feeding the DC Ess Bus and DC Battery Buses in an emergency condition
A CHARGER message adjacent to the APU BATT symbol on the DC Synoptic page indicates that
The Battery is bnot charging
As a priority, the DCPC will ensure TRU power is always directed to
The DC Battery Bus and the DC Ess Bus
You have experienced a complete AC power failure and the RAT nhas automatically deployed
The AC Ess Bus will be powered along with the DC Battery Bus and DC Ess Bus. APU and Avionics batteries will not be charged
The CNTL key on the EMS CDU is used to
Display system control options such as AC and DC Cabin Feeds EMS
An EMS CDU test fiunction can be terminated
By reselecting the associated activation key on the right side of the EMS CDU panel
The APU Generator is a constant frequency device limited to
40 KVA
External DC power, when connected to the aircraft and selected ON by the EXT DC control switch in the cockpit
directs external DC power to the DC battery bus and the DC Ess Bus
The RAT will automatically deploy when
1. there is a loss of all AC power due to the loss of all engines
2. There is a loss of all AC power with the flaps greater than 0
3. There is a loss of all AC power with the flaps fully retracted and 14 seconds has elapsed