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What is the width
93' 6"
What is the height
24' 10"
What is the length
99' 5"
What is the width between the gear (main gear track)
13' 8"
What is the minimum width of the pavement required for a 180 deg turn
68 ft
What four switches does the yoke contain
AP Disc
What does the TCS switch enable the pilot to do
Manuerve the ariplane without disconnecting the autopilot
The engine oil replenishment system control panel is located where
On the bulkhead behind the pilot
On the STATUS page door information is provided for which doors
Emergency Exit
Service Doors
What is the indication of a properly closed and locked main cabin door on the STATUS page
Green and Flush
What are the four steps to open the door from the outside
Push flap in
Grasp Handle
Lift fully to open
Pull Outwards
Which apparently unrelated system is required to be fully functional for the door status to be displayed on the EICAS
Landing Gear Electronic Control Unit (LGECU)
What does it mean when there is an amber X displayed on a door indication on the EICAS
Invalid Data