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What is the minimum pavement width for a 180 deg turn?
Global 68 ft
5000 65 ft
Following the start-up the CPL arrow on the guidance panel defaults to the left side. You notice the the yaw damper (YD) shows an arrow to the right (YD2). What should you do?
Leave it where it is since it will cycle automatically whenever the aircraft is powered up.
When there are no vertical or lateral modes active, the autopilot will engage in:
With the autopilot engaged, pressing the flight director (FD) button will:
The off-side button will remove the the off side FD bars only.
The on-side button is not functional
Which of the following is not representative of ROL mode?
ROL mode will capture heading at selection regardless of bank
What is the bleed source for the engine cowl anti-icing?
The on-side 5th stage LP port only
The APU is capable of operating up to ____ ft. The APU starting envelope is up to ____ ft. The bleed extraction limit is ____ ft.
45,000 ft
37,000 ft
30,000 ft
Under high demand load conditions, the APU ____ load takes priority over the ____ load.
electrical, pneumatic
What is the function of the EMER pushbutton on the audio control panel?
Connects the microphone directly to the on-side VHF COMM transceiver and the audio is connected directly to the airplanes headphone
The cockpit voice recorder retains the most recent ____ of recorded information while the flight data recorder is capable of retaining up to ____ of airplane parameters/flight data. Both are linked to Data Acq Unit no ____
2 hours, 25 hours, 4
The airplane batteries can be charged through external DC power? True or False
AC power is normally powered by ___ VFG's to each of ___ dedicated main AC buses in the AC Power Center. In the event of the loss of three VFG's AC Buses ___ and ___ will be powered.
4, 4, 1 and 4
While cruising, a loss of AC power is sensed. The RAT will deploy automatically without a time delay if:
Both engines are lost and if the slat/flap handle is is NOT in the zero position
If you get a RED configuration warning message during the takeoff roll, which of the following EICAS messages did you miss during the Pre take-off checks?
Where do you have to look to verify that your ADC and/or IRS are not reverted?
Top of your PFD just right of the Flight Director Annunciator vertical mode
The active speed bug ____ is positioned on the inside of the speed tape. The standby speed bug ____ is positioned on the outside of the speed tape. The color convention for both bugs is ___ MAN ___ FMS
Bucket Shaped
Triangular Shaped
The OXYGEN LO QTY caution message will be displayed on the EICAS page when the oxygen quantity is less than or equal to ____.
What functions are carried out when a fire (DISCH) control handle for an engine is pulled?
Fuel, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical Systems are shut-off. And the bottles are armed
When a RED Warning CAS message L (R) ENG FIRE or APU FIRE is present:
Treat as an actual fire and conduct the appropriate immediate actions as soon as possible
Shortly after shutting down both engines, the Right Engine ITT rises rapidly and flames are alos reported at the back of the engine:
Do not pull the DISC handle. Carry out the immediate action items for Post shutdown eng fire
To achieve longitudinal trim, yoke trim switches operate which of the following systems?
An actuator assembly that positions the stabilizer surface in response to electrical signals from the MDU
Which statements regarding the selection of the ROLL SPLRS PBA after an aileron disconnect are false?
If no ROLL SPLRS switch selection is made within 30 secs following disconnect, ROLL SEL captions appear only on the free side.
Until one side is selected the FCU's do not command the MFS to do any roll assist
With regard to Ground Spoilers, which of the following is/are correct?
1. To prevent inadvertent deployment during taxi, ground spoilers will not latch until 45 kts and TLA greater than 30 deg.
2. The system is activated during an RTO when throttles are retarded to the idle position.
3.Activation occurs on landing with both throttles at idle, and any two of the following conditions are met RAD ALT < 7 ft, one MLG WOW, and wheel spin up greater than 16kts
How much usuable fuel is contained in the center tank?
1115O Lbs
A fuel imbalance appears on the EICAS display while in flight, with wing fuel less than 19,450 lbs. This indicates?
A imbalance of 1100 lbs
The minimum fuel quantity for a go-around is ____ lbs per wing and assuming a max climb angle of ____ deg nose up
600 lbs and 10 deg
Which systems are operated by hydraulic system 1?
Left Aileron, left elevator, rudder, left thrust reverser, left and right ground spoilers and left and right MFS 1 & 4
Pushing one of the hydraulic SOV pushbuttons will result in the following:
Isolates the hydraulic fluid to the respective engine driven pump by closing the hydraulic shut-off valve
In flight, with hydraulic no 2 pressure less than 1800 psi, which of the following is most accurate?
Gear cannot be retracted and longer landing roll should be expected owing to the loss of the right thrust reverser and some spoiler capability
If hydraulic systems 1 and 3 are less than 1800 psi, which of the following statements are true?
Left aileron, left elevator, left thrust reverser, left and right MFS 1 and 4 and ground spoilers are inop. Inboard breaks will be on accumulator pressure only. Manual gear lowering is anticipated
The bleed air from the engines normally comes from the ____ stage LP port of the N2 compressor. If the LP air is at a sufficient pressure, the BMC's commnand the ____ to open and bleed air from the stage HP port supplies the bleed air system. For the protection of all pnuematic systems the ____ modulates to ensure that the air pressure supplied from either port is at a maximum of apprx 43 +/- 3 psi.
5th, RV, 8th LCV