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What did the Leakey's do?
Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the world's earliest known humans.
What is homo sapiens sapiens
A subgroup of homosapiens and the first anatomically modern humans.
The second subgroup of homo sapiens in neander valley first to bury their dead and relied on a variety of tools.
Earliest hominids discovered by Donald Johnson.
Neolithic Revolution
Humans achieved systematic agriculture and domestication. Ability to have regular supply of food allowed settled communities.
Characteristics of Civilization
Cities, government, religion, social structure, writing, and art.
study of human life and cultures
First Empire
Sargon leader of Akkadians sets up first empire in world history in 2340BC
created 282 laws taht were similar to later israelite codes. Based on a system of strict justice.
When does Egypt begin?
The Ten Lost Tribes
The Kingdom of Israel is overran and Israelites scattered losing their identities.
Cyrus the Great
wise and copassionate. Had a respect for other civilizations. Allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem.
Divided empire into Satrapies and made the Royal Road. Also created the Immortals. Made contact with Greeks and attempted to conquer. Created Persian into largest empire.
Rebuilt Babylon as center of Assyrian Empire.
Yahweh gace ten commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai.
a government by divine authority
wedge shaped system of writing developed by the Sumerians using reed stylus to create impressions on a clay tablet.
Phonecian alphabet
made of 22 letters passed on to Greeks to Romans to today.
One god Yahweh creator of the world people his servants covenant prophets and law. Name derived from surviving people of Judah.
Ancient Israel
composed of ten northern tribes and capital at Samaria.
semitic speaking ppl exploited use of iron weapons to est. an empire
IndoEuropean nomads conquered Harappans and excelled at warfare made language of sanskrit
Siddharta Gautama
Buddha or enlightened one and founder of buddhism. Sheltered and luxury prince left family to find true meaning of life.
Silk Road
Trade route between Roman Empire and China Silk most valuable product.
Zhou Dynasty
longest dynasty made mandate of heaven
lessons of Confucius important part of chinese history. Recorded in the analects.Political and ethical aproach. In accordance with Dao. Duty and humanity
Qin Shihuangdi
unified china created single monetary system and system of roads. Legalism adopted as ideology. Highly centralized. Built Great Wall.
What did the first Han Emperor do?
Discarded Qin dynasty's harsh principles.
Shiddharta Gautama first and THE Buddha.
India's greatest ruler, converted to Buddhism and used ideals too govern expanded trade.
Great bulk of Indians not Aryans. Peasants limited rights. 4th level
Chandragupta Maurya
founder of Mauryan dynasty scared of assassination
1 of most famous mathmeticans of Gupta empire first to use algebra
Central Bureaucracy of Qin Dynasty
divided into 3 parts civil division military divisions and censorate(had inspectors to check on gov off.)
Founder of the Han dynasty
Liu Bang
city-state central focus of Greek life. Politics derived. town city village and its country sid
Below acropolis open area assembly area and market place
Romean Building built by Hadrian
the first greek state. tholos tombs built into hillsides. centers built on hills and surrounded by stone walls.. Famous Agamemnon king of Mycenae sacked Troy.
Modern day Turkey. During Dark Ages, mainland Greeks sailed here. West coast of Asia Minor.
Bronze Ange civ. lives called minoan named after minos legendary king of crete. Southeast of greekmain
Sparta's Gov't
oligarch headed by two kings led spartan army. five men called ephors elected yrly and resp. of edu and conduct. Council of Elders-two kings and 28 cit. 60+. Military state.
authored History of the Persian Wars regarded as first real history of W.
Alexander the Great
At 20 king of Macedonia. main goal invasion of Persian Empire.Built Alexandria. Stimulated Greek and Macedonian economies b/c more gold and silve. Greek culture to SW Asia and Near East. Greek absorb E. cultur
wrote Illiad. Set ideal for Greeks.
Thermopylae Pass
When the Persians attacked Greek delayed Persians at TP for two days
pupil of Plato. Thought forms as part of things themselves. Foud good gov't in monarchy aristocracy and constitutional gov't as best out of 158 states.
Plato is his pupil. Socratic method is question and answer format. died by hemlock b/c PElo war changed Athen's policy of open debate.
form of gov't in which leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have the right to vote
person or small group has absolute pwr.
Julius Caesar
part of first triumvirate. At first senate voted taht pompey should have total command. He kept army of loyal veterans crossed Rubicon and defeated Pompey. Reforms and decrease senate pwr. assass
Pax Romana
Five good emperors Nerva trajan hadrian antoninus pius marcus aurelius create pd. of peace and prosperity lasted 100 yrs.
At first senate voted taht pompey should have total command. He kept army of loyal veterans crossed Rubicon and defeated Pompey.
Formed Southern boundary of France.
large landed estates that dominated farming in eastern and southern Italy
"Bread and Circuses"
Juvenal claimed that the people of Rome no longer cared about politics, only entertainment and the free bread
proclaimed official tolerance. Roman empire revived under his reforms but his reforms based on control so eventually lead to collapse.
An emperor of the early empire in Rome. Corrupt. Killed own mother. When legions rebelled, killed himself and said world has lost a great artist in me. Accused of starting a fire that burned down city. And persecution of Christians started during his reign.
Edict of Milan
issued by Constantine proclaims official tolerance of Christianity
last great Christian Persecutio under his reign. issued price edict-didn't work. Late Roman Empire Emperor. Political and military reforms enlarged army and civil service and drained the public funds. Taxes could not increase because no increase in pop.
germanic tribe crossed Danube and settled as Roman Allies Defeated Romans during the revolt at Adrianople.
Moved into S. Europe and pushed visigoths out.
Who influenced Rome?
Etruscans the most but also Greeks
Ten Commandments
1. Love the lord your God
2. Love your neighbor