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a specific place on the earth that is a reference point for geographers
Absolute Location
the exact spot at which the place is found on the globe
the two halves of the earth, either Northern and Southern or Eastern and Western
Grid System
the Equator, Prime Meridian, and other lines of latitude and longitude cross one another to form a pattern
Relative Location
a place in relation to other places; used by most people
a particular space with physical and human meaning; all ___ have unique characteristics determined by the environment and people
areas united by specific factors, such as soil type, begetation, river systems, and climate
Formal Region
defined by a common characteristic, such as products produced there
Functional Region
a central place and the surrounding area linked to it by a highway system, such as Los Angeles
Perceptual Region
defined by popular feelings and images rather than by objective data, such as "heartland"
a community of plants and animals that depend on one another and their surroundings for survival
___ of people, goods, and ideas
Human-Environmet Interaction
the study of the interrelationship between people and their physical environment