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What is composed of symbols and subscripts indicating the number of atoms of an element in a compound?
Chemical formula
When some elements combine chemically, they no longer have the same _____________ they did before forming a compound.
Atoms form compounds when the compound is more __________ than the separate atoms.
Noble gases are more ________ __________ than other elements because they have a complete outer energy level.
chemically stable
Elements that do not have full outer energy level are more stable in __________.
Atoms can do what 3 things with their electrons to get a stable outer energy level.
lose, gain or share
What is the force that holds atoms together in a compound?
Chemical bond
Why do elements for compounds?
To become more chemically stable by getting a complete outer energy level.
What is a charged particle because it has more or few electrons than protons
an ion
An atom becomes positively charged when it _________ an electron.
An atom becomes negatively charged when it _________ an electron.
An ionic compound is held together by the _________ __________.
Ionic bond
The result of an ionic bond is a ________ compound because the sum of the charges on the ions is zero.
What are neutral particles formed as a result of sharing electrons?
What is the force of attraction between atoms sharing electrons?
covalent bond
What has one end that is slightly negative and one en that is slightly positive although the overall molecule is neutral?
A polar molecule
Electrons are shared equally in a __________ molecule.
What forms when atoms lose or gain electrons?
Ionic bonds
What forms when atoms share electrons?
Covalent bonds