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What is meneries disease?
Ear problem, Pressure in the endolymphatic sac, NA+ retention,attacks w/ anxiety, Can be months or years between attacks
Symptoms of meneries?
Paroxysmal whirling vertigo
(Subjective vertigo)Like jumping of a merry go round.
(obj. verigo)Objects are moving around you when you are still.
temp hearing loss
Etiology of menieres
Allergy, chronic stress, premenstral
Assessment of menieres
Auditory dehyration test, Men over 60,Women over 20,
Interventions of menieres
Furstenberg Diet(^protein,milk, mod. carbs.,pasta,bread)no Na+ cooking or added to food
lower stress(yoga)
What is Glaucoma?
Pressure problem in the eye,^ in IOP,normal IOP(10-21mm hg),peripheral vision dec. first, decrease in AM ^ PM.
what is open angle glaucoma(POAG)?
changes in traecular meshwork,decr. outflow of aqueous humor, ^pressure gradual,gradual loss of visual fields, halos around lites MOST COMMON
What is angle closure glaucoma?
Sudden onset,considered medical emergency, foward displacement of iris obstructs aqueous humor,^pressure rapid, sudden extreme pain around eyes
Assessment and management of POAG
Tonomety(dilate eyes) 22-32mm hg Laser Trabeculoplasty (holes in trabecular meshwork)
Assessment and management of angle closure glaucoma
Tonomety 30mm hg or ^
Laser makes a hole near the edge of the iris.
Anti glaucoma meds
Reducing IOP by either ^ drainage or decreasing production of aqeous humor or both.
Drug classifications
Beta Blocker,Reduces aqueous humor
Carbonic Anhdrase inhibitors,reduces aqeous humor formation, Omotic diuretics(reduces volume of intraocular fluid) parasumpathominmetrics(^ outflow or aqeous humor, Aqeous humor drainage)
Prostoglandin Agonists(^outflow of aqueous fluid)
Sympathomimetics(^aqueous humor outflow)
What is a cataract?
Lens problem,eye muscles loose elasticity,progressive loss of transparency of lens,can happen anytime,everyone over 70 has some form of it..
Assessment and treatment of cataracts
History,slightly blurred vision,reduced visual acuity.
Extracapsular cataract extraction (leaves backend of capsule) CORRECTS MYOPIA
Glaucoma meds: Drug classes
Mydriates:dilate pupils
Miotics: CONSTRICT pupils
Cycloplegics: PARALYZE cillary body(surgery)
Glaucoma med:
Mimic the neurotransmitter: acetylcholine
Causes:abnormal contraction of pupils
Reduces of IOP by ^ outflow of aqueous humor
For both glaucomas.
Side effect(blurred vision)
Glaucoma med:
increase in aqueous humor outflow which decrease IOP
Side effect:(tearing, burning)
Glaucome med:
Beta-Adrenergic blocker
reduces aqeuous humor formation and ^ outflow.
Reduce both elevated and normal IOP
For both glaucomas.
Side effect(burning)
Glaucoma med:
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor
For all types
Reduces aqueous humor formation
(Oral) systemic reactions