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A gland includes
-glandular epithelium producing secretion
-duct system for drainage
-supportive connective tissue such as stroma
presence of absence of duct system
if secretions released into blood vessels
if secretion taken out through ducts
branching of duct system
only one duct per gland
duct divides,elaborate duct system
parenchyma and stroma
-parenchyma: secretory units and ducts
-stroma: supportive connective tissue (convey blood vessels); capsule (extensive strong holding connective tissue); septa and trabeculae
Ducts of compound glands
-intralobular ducts: intercalated ducts (ns) and striated ducts (s)
-interlobular ducts
-lobar ducts
-main duct
Shape of Secretory Unit
-tubular: straight and unbranched or coiled or branched
-acinar/alveolar: like orange slice with large or small duct
simple acinar
simple alveolar
branched acinar:large sebaceous glands
branched alveolar:respiratory tract
-tubuloacinar and tubuloalveolar
number of cells and location
unicellular: goblet
Nature of secretory product
watery secretion, spherical nuclei, zymogen granules, protein containing
thick viscous secretion, filled with mucinogen, nuclei flattened and displaced in basal part of cell: GIT, nasal cavity, does not stain, light cytoplasm
-seromucous or mixed
Mode of release of secretory product
-merocine(eccrine): simple exocytosis, do not lose cytoplasm
-apocrine: cell losing cytoplasm, maintain plasmalemma i.e. mammary
-holocrine: complete lose of cell b/c secretory material to "sticky" to be released i.e. ear wax
-cytocrine: injection into an adjacent cell via a process