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large, rounded and well-worn piece of rock
Glacial drift
clay, sand, gravel and boulders left by glaciers
Ice Age
a time about 10,000 years ago when glaciers moved across the land
how hot or cold something is
the moisture that falls to earth in the form of rain, snow, sleet or hail.
weather over a long period of time
the amount of water in the air
the way the air looks and feels at a certain time
a mass of slowly moving ice
a hill or small mountain with a flat top
a long, low ridge of rocks, sand and soil left by glaciers
What kind of soil was left behind by glaciers
Good soil, rich in nutrients and minerals in most parts of the state
Describe the land shapes left by glaciers
Glaciers formed many rivers, streams and lakes for hunting and recreation. Glaciers warped the land upward and flattened mountains in Wisconsin
Describe the growing season in Wisconsin
Short in northern Wisconsin due to wet and cool weather. Longer in southern Wisconsin because weather is warmer and drier.
What kind of soil is in a driftless area
Soil in a driftless area is not rich in nutrients or minerals
Describe the characteristics of a driftless area
This is an area in southwestern Wisconsin that the glacier went around. The hills are steeper and the land is not flat there.
Describe the Lake Superior lowlands
This area has red clay and soil is not good for growing crops.
Describe the Western Uplands
This area has cliffs and valleys along the rivers.
Describe the Central Plains
This area is flat with poor sandy soil. It also has rock formations that can be seen in the Dells
Describe the Northern Highlands
This area has rolling hills formed from old mountains. The soil is sandy and good for trees. There are many lakes, rivers, streams and forests.
Describe the Eastern Ridges and Lowlands
This area has mild climate and good soil for crops. Lake Winnebago and Horicon Marsh are in this region.