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What Jonas's new job?
He was the receiver memory.
What happened to last receiver?
She got scared and applied for release.
What did being receiver entail?
It invovled a lot of pain and holding the memeories of the community.
What was one shocking rule on Jonas's list?
Jonas can lie and be rude.
What unusual thing did Jonas notice when he arrivied for the first time?
The Giver's door was locked.
How did Jonas feel after the selection?
Happy and afraid
How did the Giver look?
Old but he really wasn't.
The first memory Jonas recieved was of _______________.
Once the Giver transmitted a memory what happened?
The Giver no longer had that memory.
Why isn't there snow?
Snow made it hard to grow crops.
During the first day Jonas experrinced___________.
the pain of a sunburn
Why does Jonas feel different at school?
He can't talk about his job.
Why was Jonas late for his second day of training?
He saw the color red.
What was Jonas experincing for the first time?
He was seeing beyond in colors.
What memeory did the Giver give Jonas so he could see other colors?
The memory of a rainbow.
Why did the Giver say the community went to sameness?
Otherwise peole might make bad choices.
What memory did Jonas get that was distrubing
The idea that comfort objects are real.
What happens when a reciever disappears?
All the memories go into the people.
The receiver can't have a spouse. True or False
Why did Jonas ask for painful memories?
So the Giver won't have to bear the burden.
The Giver Jonas the pain of a _________________leg.
What is Gaberial's main problem?
He can't sleep through the night.
When Gabe woke Jonas gave him the memory of ________.
a boat on a lake.
What clues tell that ch. 15 was a American Civil war battle?
-the soldier was wearing a gray (confedrate) uniform
- cannons wer going off.
- the soldier was young