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What was Mark Twain's nickname for the Industrial Era 1870-1900?
The Gilded Age
Causes of the downfall of indians?
miners looking for gold, extermination of the buffalo, railroads bringing settlers, white man's diseases, white man's treachery in violating treaties
Name the last major indian battle
Wounded Knee
Name the law which confined all indians to reservations
Dawes Allotment act - 160 acres to each Indian male for a farm
Dodge City, Kansas
Deadwood, Dakota
Mining town
Cheyenne Wyoming
Denver City
mining town
Virginia city
mining town
Resons for decline of range cattle business
overgrazing of the range, bad weather, farmers with plows and barbed wire, railroads
Hardships of farmers in great plains
no trees, low rainfall, high railroad rates to farmers, bad weather, 160-acres
Laissez Faire
term for an economy allowed to operate free of govt. interference
Reasons U.S. was favorable for industrialization
natural resources, govt favoritism to business, cheap labor-weak immigration laws, high protective tariff, no real regulations of business, sound money policy, land grants to railroads, troops to break strikes, perversion of anti trust law to busy strikes/unions
Real Economic spark to rapid U.S. industrialization
First transcontinental railroad
union Pacific-central pacific