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Falciform ligament develops from:
Ventral mesentary
Where is the beginning and end of the foregut?
Start: end of the pharynx where the lungs bud
End: 2nd part of Duodenum (Ampulla of Vater)
What supplies blood to the foregut?
Celiac artery
What supplies blood to the midgut?
Superior mesenteric artery
What supplies blood to the hindgut?
Inferiot mesenteric artery
What are the defining ends of the midgut?
Ampulla of Vater to the Transverse Colon
What is the greater curvature a derivative of? How does it rotate?
-Dorsal mesentary
-Rotates left looking down the esophagus
2 Divisions result from Ventral outgrowth of Liver from the Ventral Mesentary:
-Gastrohepatic ligament
-Falciform ligament
What is the gastrohepatic ligament in?
Lesser omentum
What does the Pancreasdevelop from?
2 Buds: Ventral + Dorsal
How do the Pancreas buds unit?
Ventral bud swings aroundas the stomach rotates.
What part of the pancreas is from the ventral bud?
-Uncinate process
-Primary pancreatic duct
What does the accessory pancreatic duct develop from?
Dorsal pancreatic bud
What is the spleen derived from?
MESODERM - between two leaflets of dorsal mesentary.
What is Meckels Diverticulum caused by?
Failure of the yolk stalk to obliterate during herniation of the intestines.
How does MEckel's diverticulum usually present?
As abdominal pain similar to appendicitis, but in the center of the stomach - subject to peptic ulcers.
What does the main pancreatic duct develop from?
BOTH dorsal and ventral buds
What does the accessory pancreatic duct develop from?
Only Dorsal pancreatic bud
2 disorders associated with Herniation of the intestines:
What is omphalocele?
Failure of the intestines to herniate all the way back into the peritoneal cavity.
What is Raschesis?
Herniation of intestines back out a weakened area.
What is the main difference between omphal and rasches?
Omphalocele is covered by an amniotic layer, raschisis is not.
What results if the intestines fail to rotate while going back into the abdom cavity?
Left sided colon.
The spleen is in the midgut, but what is its blood supply?
Celiac artery
What gives innervation to the hindgut?
Vagus and Sacral trunk (S2-4)
-Subject to 2' neurulation
Wht is Hirsphrung's anomaly?
Absence of autonomic ganglia in the gut - lack of peristaltic movement, unable to poop.