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abdominal imaging modalities
plain, UGI, SBFT, BE, US, CT, MRI, NM
what can you see on Plain Film
bowel obstruction
Gallstones (85% are missed)
Renal stones (most show up)
pancreatic calcifications
vascular calcifications
most common cause of bowel obstruction
also hernia, tumor or volvulus
best imaging for bowel obstruction
CT, SBFT, plain films
best imaging for gallstones
abdominal u/s
evaluate painful hemauturia
kidney stones
CT is best modality
most common cause of pancreatic calcifications
response to pneumoperitoneum
surgical emergency- don't wait for radiologist
best imaging for appendicitis
CT can make deffinitive dx
UGI will show...
Ulcer, mass, infection
r/o perforation
single contrast
barium only
double contrast
barium + air (fizzy gas)
esophageal dz seen on UGI
herpes- ulcers & edema
candida- nodular
thickened folds, ulcerations, poor peristalsis on UGI
ulcers & edema on UGI
nodular area on UGI
types of esophageal tumors
90% squamous cell carcinoma
10% adenocarcinoma
typically don't present until very advanced
stomach dz seen on UGI
hiatal hernia, gastritis, ulcer, tumor
conditions seen with SBFT
obstruction, tumor, inflammation, Crohn's
appearance of SI on SBFT
Duodenum= curve
Jejunum= folds
Ileum = non-specific
strictures on SBFT & hx of GI distress, worsening diarrhea (oily, stinky), wt loss
Crohn's dz
conditions seen w/barium enema
good for small polyps
apple core lesion
ulcerative colitis
constipation & pencil thin feces
"apple core lesion"
fever, WBC elevated, LLQ pain
conditions seen on abdominal u/s
differentiate RUQ pain
preferred for female pelvic pain (& ectopic)
suspected abdominal aortic aneurysm
RUQ differential
Gallbladder dz- Biliary obstruction
Liver dz- w/ Hep C (CT/MRI better),
Pancreatic dz
obese, female, DM
"mobile echogenic focus w/posterior acoustical shadowing"
gallbladder dz
uses for abdominal CT
preferred for tumor, acute abdomen, trauma, appendicitis