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chemical names of antacids
CaCO3 (tums)
NaHCO3 (Alka Seltzer)
Al(OH)3 + Mg(OH)2 (maalox, mylanta)
SE of CaCO3
hypercalcemia, can lead to renal failure
SE of NaHCO3
systemic alkalosis, fluid retention
MOA of Cimetidine
H2 antagonist
SEs of Cimetidine
gynecomastia & galactorrhea (androgen R binding & inhibition of estradiol metabolism)
MOA of Ranitidine
H2 antagonist
MOA of Omeprazole
PPI inhibiter
prodrug, activated by H+
covalently binds sulfhydryl gp of cysteines
MOA of Pirenzipine
M3 antagonist
high SE, being replaced by newer agents
Treatment for H Pylori
Amox & Clynda- pH dependent
triple tx: omeprazole/ranitidine + amox, clarith, metronidazole (2)