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How does the TNM system work in pancreatic cancer?
N has only N1 or N0--node or no node
What test is definitive for exam for determining pancreatic neoplasia?
CT scan--look for metastatic disease and infiltration of the vasculature
What percent of patients will have recurring pancreatic metastisis?
True/False: Cystic neoplasms are always asymptomatic
False--malignant lesions are usually symp.
What is the most common pancreatic duct tumor?
A mucinous cystadenoma only occurs in who?
Symptoms go away when glucose is given..what type of tumor?
Insulinoma--present with hypoglycemia
What is Whipple's triad?
Fasting hypoglycemia with symptoms
Documented glucose <50
Relief of symptoms following admin of glucose