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endocrine units of pancreas
Islets of Langerhans
cells in Islets of langerhans
alpha- glucogon
beta- insulin
D (delta)- somatostatin
structure of Islet of Langerhans
~3000 cells
capillaries run thru- radial
beta cells secrete first
insulin inhibits glucagon rls
somatostatin inhibits both g & i
insulin signal will...
(anabolic signal)
glucose uptake, use & storage

glucose oxidation (glycolsis)
glycogen synth
fat synth
protein synth
glucagon signal will...
(catabolic signal)
stimulate glucose synthesis & mobilization

glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis, ketogenesis
structures of insulin
Preproinsulin nucleus to ER
signal sequence
no disulfide
C peptide
Proinsulin- (vesicles) in ER to golgi
no signal sequence
yes disulfides

Insulin- processed in vesicles (golgi), stored at microtubules, released with Ca signal
no signal or C peptide
yes disulfides
equal concentration w/C peptide in vesicle
C peptidase test
test for diabetes
easier to get good measure
innervation of endocrine pancreas
para & sympss
GLP 1 (from L cells- enteroendocrine) give paracrine stim
ANS stimulation of Langerhans
released if think about food
stimulates insulin release (even in absence of glucose)
glucose entry into pancreas
GLUT 2 receptor
not easily saturated
keeps working even with high glucose
defect in glucokinase
signaling insulin release
GLUT 2 takes up glucose
glucokinase phosphorylates
Glycolysis release ATP
inhibits "sur" at K channel
K out
Ca in
repolarize with K in
MOA of metformin
inhibits repolarization of beta cell (insulin continued to be released)

also mech for sulfanyl urea)