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What are the unpaired visceral aortic branches?
The celiac trunk, superior mesenteric, and inferior mesentreric
What are the paired visceral abdominal aortic branches?
Suprarenal, renal, and gonadal
What are the paired parietal abdominal aortic branches?
Subcostal, inferior phrenic, and lumbar
What is the only unpaired parietal?
Median sacral artery
Where does the celiac trunk emerge from the aorta?
At T12
What is the blood supply to the foregut?
What is the blood supply to the midgut?
Superior mesenteric artery
What is the blood supply to the hindgut?
The inferior mesenteric artery
What artery supplies the gall bladder?
The cystic artery
What emerges from the triangle of Calot?
The cystic artery arising from the right hepatic artery
What is do the anterior and posterior superior pancreatico-duodenal arteries branch off of?
Common hepatic artery
How do you the difference between jejunal and ilial intestinal arteries?
Jejunal have short arterial arcardes and long vasa recta and ilial have long arterial arcades and short vasa recta
What is nutcracker syndrome?
find out
What is the first branch off the IMA?
The left colic artery
What branch of the left colic anastomoses with the middle colic artery?
The ascending branch
The vagus extends to what point?
The left colic flexure
What is hirschprung's disease?
Genetic disorder causing a lack of enteric plexus