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Kanker sores usually develop where?
Non-keratinized mucosa
What do canker sores look like?
Well circumscribed lesions
canker sores can be seen in what diseases?
UC / celiacs / CD
What are 3 oral lesions seen in CD?
1. Ulcerations

2. Localized or generalized erythema

3. Hyperplastic, polyploid or papular lesions
What is seen wrt to the lips in CD?
Persistent, painless enlargement of cutaneous tissue

Fissuring of the lips
What lesions are pathogneumonic for CD's?
Linear Ulcerations in submandibular folds
What will be seen in the ulcerations in CD's?
Granulomatous inflammation
What are the 2 main oral manifestations of Celiacs?
1. Ulcerations

2. Enamel Pitting - predominantly permanent teeth
What oral manifestation is see in GERD?
Erosion of back of the teeth

NOTE: can also see in bulemia
What 3 oral manifestations are seen in FAP?
1. Osteomas

2. Odontomas

3. Supernumerary teeth
What oral manifestation is seen in Peutz-Jegher's syndrome?
perioral and labial pigmentation
What oral manifestation is seen in HNPCC?
Fordyce granules - sweat glands in the mouth
What is seen in odontomas?
Well framed, miniature teeth
what are fordyce granules?
ectopic sebaceous glands or sebaceous choristomas (normal tissue in an abnormal location) within the oral mucosa. Fordyce’s granules present as multiple yellowish white or white papules.
Are fordyce granules symptomatic?
NO - just sweat into mouth

What is seen in Peutz-Jegher?
Freckle like lesions, pigmentation, of oral mucosa
What is pyostomatitis vegetans?
Oral manifestation of IBD or GI malignancy

"Snail track" pustules / ulceration
Does pyostomatitis vegetans cause pain?
How is pyostomatitis vegetans treated?
Treat GI disease will take care of lesions
What is an unusual manifestation of GI cancer and other malignancies?
Malignant acanthosis nigricans