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teen with liver disease and neurologic disease
Wilsons disease. penicillamine
FH irritable bowl. toddler, healthy with occassional diarrhea
toddlers diarrhea
GI complications of Down
duodenla atresia, imperforate anus, pyloric stenosis, omphalocele
splenomegaly, young child. unexplained by infection or cancer
cavernous transformation of portal vein. sx of portal HTN,
bilious vomiting 1 day old term.
duodenal atresia, web, annular pancreas. Hirschsrung, malrotation, meconium plug, NEC vovlulus
best test for giardia
recurrent oral ulcers, weight loss, joint pain
Crohn disease
most common injured organ in abdominal blunt trauma
splenic lac.
treatment of toddlers diarrhea
high fat, low carb diet
risk of colon cancer from UC.
duration of UC is most correlated with risk of cancer
ceftriaxone and shoulder pain
cholecystitis due to ceftriaxone
blood and mucous in stool of 2 week old breast fed healthy baby
healthy and colitis = food allergy.
painless hematochezia
Mecel diverticulum.
colicky abdominal pain 1 yr old, vomiting, bloody stool, abdominal mass
growth failure, joint pains, fevers, ESR
Crohn disease
upper GI bleed, splenomegaly
portal hypertension
8 month old FTT, malabsorption, which lab
fecal fat. identifies enterocyte uptake problem
poor growth, decreased appetitie, feelings of fullness, intermittent fevers
most common cause of rectal prolapse
chronic constipation
risk factors for gall stones
hemolysis, CF, ceftriaxone, bil tree disorders
abdominal pain radiates to back
gall bladder pain, cholelithiasis.
management of peptic ulcer disease
serologies for H. pylori, H2 blocker
treatment for NSAID gastritis
teen acute vomiting, jaundice, no hepatomegaly, abdominal pain
MR child , regurg, rechew, pleasurable
Rumination syndrome
treatment for milk hypersensativity
eliminate dairy for 1-2 years
fever jaundice in infant s/p Kasai for bil atresia
ascending cholangitis. occurs in 50% of patients
first step in any GI bleed
NG tube. Helps determine where blood is coming from and decompresses abdomen
how low is too low for liver edge in infant
>3.5cm below costal margin
ulcerative cholitis, fatigue, weight loss, jaundice
sclerosing cholangitis
urgent imaging of suspected volvulus
upper GI
mechanism of zofran
serotonin receptor blocker
FH emphasema, hepatomegaly, jaundice
3yr old painless rectal bleed
juvenile polyp
juvenile polyp follow up
if < 4. no rescoping or testing needed.
3yr old microcytic anemia, hematemesis, pale, anicteric, splenomegaly
portal hypertension
infant with C. dif positive stool
common to be carrier as infant. Carrier does not need Abx
obese female, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, tender RUQ
vomiting, jaundice, fruit juice, infant
fructose intolerance
paucity of intrahepatic bile ducts
Alagille S. heart murmur, peripheral pulmonic stenosis, vertebral anomalies, wide eyes, pointy chin
infant, lethargy, poor suck, jaundiced
UC vs Chrons
perianal involvement in CD, not UC (even though UC has rectal inflammation), arithrits, erythema nodosum, uveitis in both.