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function of GPs
sugar is activation site
affects protein folding
protein targeting (carb = address)

blood groups
renal filtration
characteristic of glycoprotein
protein w/sugar attached
via covalent bond
N linked or O linked glycosylation
sugar added at rough ER
location of glycosylation for glycoproteins
rough ER forms
-n acetylglucosamine, mannose & glucose

processed in golgi
-remove mannose
-may add gal or NANA (sialic acid)

high mannose becomes complex
N linked glycoprotein
O linked glycoprotein
serine to galactosine
protein folding
calnexin & calreticulin are chaperones

-allows ok prot to be secreted

UDP glucose
-returns for refold

-to proteosome for destruction
tissue targeting
leukocyte surveillence
-p selectin
-sialyl lewis X activates fucosyl transferase

high endothelial venules

lysosmal targeting
-neuraminidase- prevents degredation of GPs
blood groups
B has N galactose
A has N acetylgalactosamine

O has neither
AB has both
proteoglycans function
renal filtration
coagulation- hep sulfate & thrombin /AT
co receptor- VEGF
lipoprotein lipase
-hep sulfate holds near endothel, (allows viral entrance)
hepatocytes- chylo remnants held near hepatic lipase
renal filtration
podocalyxin- charge repulsion
argin, perlecan & collagen- selective size