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Club sandwich?
uses 3 slices of bread and 2 different kinds of fillings.
3 bread 2 filling
Vacuum bottle?
has vacuum space between the outer container and the inner liner which is made of glass or metal.
V space btwn outer cont + inner liner mder of gls or met
evenly blended mixture of 2 liquids that do not normally stay mixed
mixture 2 liq do not...
lining on plate of greens
lining, greens
main part of the salad.
main salad
clear broth
cl br
White sauce?
Milk based sauce thickened with starch
milk thickened starch
aromatic vegetables?
Chopped onions, garlic, celery, and green peppers
chopped o g c + gp
"in the juice"
oh come on if you cant get this one hen you suck
pasta or rice, helps thicken
p or r helps th
holds together
hs t
affects texture of product and helps determine how a product will rise.
leavening agent?
provide air, steam, or gas to help baked products rise.
working with hands in order to further mix ingredients and develop gluten
cut in?
mis solid fat and flour using pastry blender or two knives and a cutting motion.
rolled biscuits?
rolled out to an even thickness and cut out with a biscuit cutter.
drop biscuits?
more liquid, batter is too stucky to handle but can be dropped from a spoon.
quick-mix method
combines active dry yeast with dry ingredients
shortened cakes
rich and tender, contain a solid fat, come in many flavors
foam cakes
leavened with beaten egg whites, which give them a light, airy texture.