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What is success erosion?
striving to make incremental gains....or merely hold on against the world
What is the opportunity based focus?
looking aroudn and asking, "What is the big overlooked opportunity here?"
How do you become more breakthrough focused?
Read Forbes
be curious
examine subjects industries and markets you've never seen before
What is highest and best?
maximizing results with a minimum of effort, expense, and risk
Some objectives to produce maximum number of breakthroughs:
1. uncover one cash windfall for employer every three months
2. multiple streams of idea generation
3. make product more unique in clients eyes--breakthroughs increase in proportion to networking and brainstorming with people outside your industry
What are some action steps for break through?
1. break activies into subactivities
2. imagine what it will be like when your mind is thinking about overlooked opps as fresh possibilities
30 breakthroughs in 30 areas in 30 minutes