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What are the three ways to increase your business?
1. Increase # of clients.
2. Increase average size of sale per client.
3. Increase number of times clients return and buy again.

create exponential differences if you change two or three categories
how to benefit from increase in clients
1. What the client is worth to them each time they buy.
2. How many times clients buy each year.
3. How many years average client will be with you.
How do you increase the size of sale per client?
add ons and upgrades
What do the people above you want?
Problem solvers...employers will kill for problem solvers...
What is two mugger story?
1st mugger: steals $85
2nd mugger: steals $60 and worthless class ring but leverages pawning and selling pawn ticket to friend: $220
What are examples of industries that profited from using other industry methods.
FedEx--used hub and spoke concept that banks used for checks
analogy for multiple positions approach
a fishing pole
or 10 with ten different kinds of bait
Why use the word client?
under your protection
appreciate and understand exactly what your clients need when they do business with you--even if they can't articulate that for you--think of as trusted valued friends
What is USP and why does it matter?
Unique Selling Point
superior benefit or advantage
identify advantages client want most
Avis--"We're number two. We try harder."
Dennis Rodman--hair and tatoos
What is risk reversal?
promising guarantee of success or money back
What are add ons?
graduate client to a larger or superior package of goods--a product you know iwll give them a better result--Barbie and all her clothes.....
ATT--phoneline then call waiting, etc.
What are examples of the need for testing?
Coca Cola
What is a host-beneficiary relationship?
using existing goodwill other companies have established with people who are prime prospects for your service...determine who in your area is selling to the clients you want to be reaching and who has their good will..example credit card companies relationship with airlines....Disney/McDonalds