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genetic programming theory
belief that animals/humans are born w/biological clock to predetermine life span
cross-linking theory
belief that cellular division is threatened due to radiation/chemical reaction

agent attaches itself to DNA strand & prevents normal parting of strands during mitosis

cross-linking agents accumulate over time & cause body organs/systems to fail
free radicals
highly reactive molecules w/extra electrical charge

generated from oxygen metabolism

can damage proteins/enzymes/DNA by replacing molecules containing useful bio info w/faulty molecules
disengagement theory
belief that aging is a process in which society & the individual withdraw from each other

seen as mutually beneficial to aging individual & society

developed by Cumming & Henry
activity theory
belief that aging individual should continue middle-age lifestyle

basically denies existence of old age as long as possible
continuity theory
AKA developmental theory

personality of individual continues to effect behavior throughout life cycle