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das Amt (Ämter)
office; post, position
n. Chr. (nach Christus)
A.D., anno domini, year of Our Lord
der Wechsel (-)
change; (money) exchange; substitution (sports)
die Welt (-en)
die Erde
earth; dirt
der Verein (-e)
organization, society, association, club
die Sahne
die Pommes frites (pl.)
French fries, French fried potatoes
die Wanderung (-en)
hike; walking tour; trek
die Orgel (-n)
organ (musical)
der Rundfunk
radio (broadcasting)
turnen (v.i.)
to do gymnastics
das Turnen
gymnastics; gym
der Becher (-)
mug; cup; carton, tub (ice cream, yoghurt); glass, tumbler; beaker
die Hochzeit (-en)
eben (adj)
even, flat, level
eben (adv)
just; precisely, exactly; for a moment
Ja, eben!
Yes, precisely/exactly!
Das ist eben so.
That's just the way it is.
sauber (adj)
clean, unpolluted; neat; faultless; upstanding, unsullied
sauber (adv)
neatly; faultlessly; nicely
die Sauberkeit
cleanliness, neatness
sauber bleiben
to keep one's hands clean (stay out of trouble)
die Insel (-n)
island, isle
die Krawatte (-n)
tie (men's)
die Witwe
gegen (prep, A)
against; around (time); compared to/with; (in exchange; medicine) for
das Leder (-)