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What amount of post-void residual is abnormal and requires further eval?
100-200= border line
<100cc adequate if over 65 yrs
T/F Post void residual volume puts you at INC risk of Infection?
Tx for Urge incontinence?
- Oxybutynin
- Tolerodine
Side Effects of Anticholinergics?
Dry mouth, dry eyes
Stress Incontetinence Rx?
Pseudoephedrine (sudafed)
Estrogen (tipical)
Detrusor over activity is eitiology for what type of Incontinence?
Detrusor underactivity is etiology for what type of incontinence?
Urethral Obstruction is etiology for what type of incontinence?
Urethral INCONTINENCE is etiology for what type of incontinence?
STRESS (i.e girl that just had babies)
NEUROGENIC Incontinence is due to...?
Detrusor underactivity
Stress incontinence is due to...?
Urethral Incontinence
Overflow Incontinence is due to...?
Urethral obstruction
Urge Incontinence is due to?
Detrusor OVER ACtivity.
Indications for PERMANENT Bladder?
Neurogenic Bladder
Skin protection for debilitated, immobile pt
- Comfort measure during terminal illness
- Non repairable bladder outlet obstruxn
UTIs present with what one or all of 4 sx?
Fever, dysuria, Frequency, Lethargy/weakness/confusion
Most common bacteria that infects community/health ppl on catheters? Hospital/LTC?
EColi for both!!
Is urinary incontinence more common in Men or Women?
80% are women
T/F Urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging?
FALSE!!! (believe it or not)
T/F most pts will NOT willingly volunteer info on their incontinence to the physician?
TRUE. Only 25-50% of pts will volunteer.
What are the 5 types of urinary incontinence?
Urge, Stress, Overflow, Functional, Mixed
Which type of incontinence is most common >75yrs?
URGE Incontinence aka Overactive bladder
T/F Urge incontinence is typically IDIOPATHIC?
T/F Caffeine, Alcohol, chocolate are all KNOWN bladder irritants?
Loss of Urine with INC IntraABD pressure is what type of incontinence?
Stress incontinence is most common in Men or Women?
WOMEN due to childbirth
Over distention of the bladder causing frequent urination and dribbling= what kind of incontinence?
Overflow (duuuuh)
What are the 2 main causes of overflow Incontinence?
Bladder outlet obstruction (i.e. prostate enlargement)
2. Atonic/acontractile bladder (i.e. Diabetis, MS, Spinal cord injury, LUMBAR STENOSIS)
a pt with LUMBAR STENOSIS would most likely present with what type of incontinence?
Which type of incontinence, if NOT worked up can lead to renal failed from hydronephrosis?
Which type of incontinence does not DIRECTLY have problems with Lwr urinary tracts?
Cognition and Physical impairment are 2 causes of what type of incontinence?
T/F you can classify incontinenct via Permanent and Temporary?
FALSE... the classifications are Transient (will go away)
and ESTABLISHED (permanent)
What does DIAPERS Stand for and type of incontinence is this etiology for?
TRANSIENT Incontinence:
D= Delerium. I= Infection (UTI Sx-omatic) A= Atrophic Urethritic/vaginitis; P= Pharmaceutical and Psychological; E= Excessive Urine Output; R= Restricted mobility; S= Stool Impaction
What are the 5 main questions to ask about a pt presenting with INCONTINENCE?
1. Description of prob--> MOST IMPORTANT!!!!
2. Prior Tx
3. Prior Sz
4. Prior Pregos
5. Meds!! (script and OTC)
T/F Glucose is an important part of the Incontinence work up
What are the diff things you are looking for from an Incontinence Lab work up?
UA with c/s
Lytes, BUN, Creatinine, glucose, Calcium
Whata re the 2 imaging tools utilized for a urinary Workup?
Bladder scan and Renal Ultrasound
T/F a Post void residual should be done 5 mins AFTER voiding