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Branch of medicine that with the problems of aging and the diseases of the elderly?
Study of the aging process
What causes people to age?
Aging results when inappropriate information is provided for normal cell function. These theories are called error theories.
During aging process what happens?
flexibility declines, tissue loses moisture, cellular changes in skin and eyes.
What factors affect aging?
heredity, stress adaptability, nutrition, exercise
What causes hip fractures?
decrease in calcium
What does arteriosclerosis affect?
Degenerative joint disease
What causes disuse atrophy?
lack of exercise
GI complaints
GB malfunction, diverticula,ulcer malignancies, decaying teeth
Why is prevalence of cancer high in elderly?
exposure to many carcingens during life
clouding of the eyes to opacity, blurred and dim vision
memorly loss
What causes senility?
blood flow reduced, feelings of worthlessness, loss of interests
most common form of senility
Alzheimers disease
What affect does aging have on vision?
decrease in periperal vision, blurring of vision
What affect does aging have on hearing?
increased senisitivity to loud noises, difficulty in localizing sounds
What affect does aging have on balance?
loss of strength, flexibility, dizziness and fear of falling
What affect does aging have on temperature?
diminished ability to control temperature such as sweat gland atrophy
What affect does aging have on the skin?
atrophy of sweat glands, loss of fat pads, thin and fragile
decrease in alveolar elasticity, increased incidence of pneumonia.
What are the affects of aging on calcifications?
atherosclerosis, crystal induced diseases: Gout
due to decreased contractile efficiency of the myocardium
predisposed by elderly and immune- suppresed states
reduction in amount of bone tissue can lead to fractures Kyphosis can result
What affect does aging have on contractures?
neuromuscular disease, CVA, trauma and burns can result in abnormal muscle tone