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Smith-Lever Act
legislation sponsored by Georgia Senator Hoke Smith that created the Agricultural Extension Service (10)
Jim Crow laws
passed in the South to establish “separate-but-equal” facilities for whites and for blacks
Great Migration
the movement of southern blacks from the South to the North; it began after World War I and lasted until the 1960s (11)
name given to journalists and writers of the Progressive Era who wrote about dishonesty in business, corruption in government and politics, and the horrors of being poor
Boll weevil
a small, grayish, long-snouted beetle that attacked the cotton plant
the policy of giving an aggressor what it wants in order to avoid war
New Deal
the name given to the programs enacted by Congress in the 1930s to bring about economic recovery, relieve the suffering of the unemployed, reform defects in the economy, and improve society
a woman who fought for women’s right to vote in the early 1900s
the doctrine that the government should not interfere in the private sector of the economy (11)
taking part in the affairs of other nations (11)
Title IX
federal legislation that prohibited discrimination in education whether in academics or athletics
political scandal in which the Nixon administration was accused of abuse of power
basic facilities such as roads, bridges, and ports
Quality Basic Education
a legislative program passed in 1986 that standardized curriculum for all schools in the state, equalized funding for all school systems, implemented statewide testing of students, and required accountability performance testing to certify public school teachers
Vietnam War
a war in which the United States helped the government of South Vietnam in its struggle with the communist government of North Vietnam