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What is a theorem?
A conjecture that is proven.
A _____________ ________ of a segment contains the midpoint and forms right angles at the intersection
perpendicular bisector
Inductive Reasoning
When you make conjectures from specific examples or patterns.
If point B is in the interior of angle AOC, then the measure of angle AOB + the measure of angle BOC=the measure of the angle AOC. If angle AOC is a straight angle, then the measure of angle AOB + the measure of angle BOC=180.
Postulate 1-8
Angle Addition Postulate
Through any 2 points there is exactly 1 line.
Postulate 1-1
Perpendicular lines form...
right angles
Supplementary angles are a pair of angles whose sum is...
180 degrees
If 2 lines intersect, then they intersect in exactly 1 point.
If 2 planes intersect, then they intersect in a line.
Postulate 1-2
Vedrtical angles are...
2 angles whose sides are opposite rays.
In a plane, lines either intersect or are...
Segments with the same length are...
What is a plane?
A flat surface that extends in all directions without end.
An _____ ________ divides an angle into 2 congruent andgles.
angle bisector
The process of reasoning logically from given facts to a conclusion.
Deductive Reasoning
Adjacent angles
2 coplanar angles that have a common side and a common vertex but no common interior poins.
Congruent Complements
If 2 angles are complements of congruent angles, then the 2 angles are congruent.
an angle is formed by 2 rays with the same...
end point
The points of a line can be put into a one-to-one correspondence with the real numbers so that the distance between any 2 points in the absolute value of the difference of the corresponding numbers.
Postulate 1-5
Ruler Postulate
Points and lines in the same plane are...
What angle is 90 = (or) > x > 0
Acute angle
Complementary angles are a paiir of angles whose sum is...
90 degrees
Through any 3 noncollinear points there is exactly 1 plane.
Postulate 1-4
What angle is 180 = (or) > x > 90?
An obtuse angle
2 planes that do not intersect are...
2 lines in space that are not parallel and do not intersect are...
Points and lines in the same plane.
Angle bisector
A ray that divides an agle inro 2 congruent angles.
A conclusion reached from observation of example or patterns. Conjectures are not always correct and should be verified.
Points that lie on a line are...
Let ray OA and ray OB be opposite rays in a plane. ray OA, ray OB, and all the rays with endpoint O that can be drawn on one side of line AB can be paired with the real numbers from 0-180 in such a way that:
a) ray OA is paired with 0 and ray OB is paired with 180.
b) If ray OC is paired with x and ray OD is paried with y, then the measure of angle COD=absolute value of x-y
Postulate 1-7
Protractor Postulate
If 3 points A,B,C are collinear and B is between A and C, then AB + BC = AC.
Postulate 1-6
Segment Addition
Vertical Angles Therem
Vertical angles are congruent.
A midpoint of a segment divides a segment into...
2 congruent segments
Congruent Supplements
If 2 angles are supplements of congrent angles, then the 2 angles are congruent.
what is a straightedge?
A ruler
What is a postulate?
An acceptted statement of fact
Parallel planes
Coplanar lines that do not intersect.
Angles are measured in...
Angles with the same measure are...
Vertical angles are...
A straight angle is how many degrees?
What is a space?
The set of all points.